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Clash Royale has some spawning game mode like Ghost Parade or Baloon Festival. The downside (IMO) of this mode is player will make a deck to counter the spawner because they know what would they face.

So I have an idea how about we get random (and different) big spawner with same elixir cost? Let me give an example:

First Spawn: Player 1 gets Golem (8 elixir) Player 2 gets Electro Giant (8 elixir)

Second Spawn: Player 1 gets Elite Barbarians (6 elixir) Player 2 gets Royale Giant (6 elixir)

Third Spawn: Player 1 gets Lava Hound (7 elixir) Player 2 gets Mega Knight (7 elixir)

And so on.

I know that Elite Barbarians are faster than Royale Giant so they will reach opponent's side earlier but I think this is part of the fun. Player will need to strategize on how they will counter opponent's spawner and at the same time must give support to their own spawner.

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