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redditAre they actually serious? The gall of this company, 3 months and we get nothing, no balance update. The +1/-1 is their answer to progression!!!

Soul Crusher

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This has to be be the final straw with a lot of players. They cannot even do the quarterly balancing changes. We have a community manager who never communicates anything. Royaleapi and clash with ash had to give us this information.

This is pathetic you should be here and on Twitter at least every fortnight with something posted about the state of the game.

Supercell have operated in bad faith too many times to be trusted with what they say, but 3 months for +1/-1, they are even reusing assets again with the arena.

My suggestions to fix this are simple, hire competent people to do the job they are being paid to do. Don’t lie to us anymore, if you knew that you weren’t going to be able to do the update for season 21 admit it early don’t wait until 4 days before hand.

They should at least tell us now what to expect in April, we have waited long enough.

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