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I am sick and tired of thus matchmake. I am at 5.1k and i keep getting level 11 above with a full maxed out deck, while i dont have a single card maxed out, i havent even gotten those 800k gold JUST for the max level while theyve done it.

What am i supposed to for against level 13 sparky, prince, or any building. My cards and tower almost but WB at LV11.

I am fine with level 11 enemies, bc that is fair. But this P2W garbage game, if u dont pay 20+ bucks a month on this game u wont achieve anything. Everywhere i go there are maxed out players, i cant even get a full set of level 11 cards for CW, barely level 10s. While in duels my level FUCKING 10 enemies have every OG deck level 13.

I played the prince/es challange for 2h and all i got were players with pass royal and star power players.

I have played for myb 3-4y and i have 5 pass royales bought in total and think bout getting the 6th but all i get in the chests are garbage. I dont give a single FUCK about gold, i need chest, i get gold from crown and season bank, its not a problem, i just need all these rare and epic chests more.

COC and Brawl have good passes, u can even get the Brawl 1 by F2P, COC it has so much content and stuff that can give u more progress. While i did this with getting almost every match by control decks and Tdraft wich was the same resault. Infinite elexir was my saviour.

Why 35 tiers, i did it mid season, its not even a challenge, its a joke. I havent done any math but u get close to 80k gold i think, so basicly nothing, every month with the 5 bucks and the bank u get 250 gold?!?!?!, is it late april 1st joke forgotten to be removed? Couse it looks like that.

The meta and the level balancing just makes me cringe. Level 10 earthquake does 160 tower damage, myb make it that level 13 doesnt do 400, then u wont have to punish pre mid lader and control players. Every1 with their swag level 12-13 prince can 2 shot royal recruits, pigs dont die, that goddamn wizard has the same amount of health as my tower, valk is so goddamn beefy, king towers shooting speed is the same as sparky, 4 SHOTS ON LEVEL 13 MINION HORD, THAT ISNT NORMAL. Mega knight is a midle finger to any not lavaloon push, u need another push just to kill him, when u need the trade tokens there are non, except the offers for 20 dollars with the most useless chests lightning chest, or what ever is that budget giant and remake gold chest with strikes.

U cant get almost any F2P gems, i finished the pass and i have gotten 10 from Tdraft challange, and there isnt any from the gold vault.

2v2 is another level of sane, y do i get the players with cannon circle with clone, while enemies have E-barbs and level 12 towers. Half the cards are useless in 2v2 bc there are 2 players most likely playing together.

Who goes in the game being happy cause its finally baloon parade, add inf elexir so u can actually grind the pass somewhat efficient, sudden death and Tdraft are the only good ones, and where the heck went 2v2 3x elexir, 2x is like waiting 2mins and you get a whole new gamemode, cmon atleast do rampup.

I will play the game still, cause it sometimes takes more than a wallet to win, but thats as often as theres a new card.

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