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redditThe lack of communication on behalf of Supercell is appalling and needs to change.

Soul Crusher

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Its sad that I have to say this. The amount of communication between the ClashRoyale team on both Reddit and Twitter is at an all time low. On average a member of the Clash Royale team says 6 things EACH month that are game related. Drew for example will go 2 weeks at a time without any communication then say nice art under some post meanwhile the underlying issues we all have are left unanswered. Besides the communication issues, we shouldn't have to hear about news through other sources such as Royale API. Hearing about the balance changes being moved to April should not come from a third party; that is ridiculous and is the icing on the cake for me.

Personally I think a Q&A should be hosted where the community on both Reddit and Twitter can ask questions and get a honest and truthful response.

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