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redditWanted:opinions from miner players

Soul Crusher

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So I was thinking that miner should have it’s damaged restored to be higher but before it pops out there is a delay (like it pops it’s head out before jumping) of maybe 1/0.5 seconds. That way it acts as a card that the enemy has to catch (forcing out elixir) but making the catching easier. During the time it pops its head out it is still invulnerable.

That way miner can still be considered a danger but is catchable with less technical skill. The skill for the miner player is knowing when the opponent has a bad counter in hand and it will be punishing to just leave the miner to chip. I can see this as a method of countering a beatdown as they have to deal with the miner before continuing their push allowing the miner player to tackle a weaker push.

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