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While I can understand sometimes things may seem unbalanced but, why did it become a monthly effort to “balance” everything? Does every card to to be balanced? Can’t there be cards that are better than others?

The last 15 cards that were put out had all this hype and WERE awesome upon release. Instead of the community having to adjust to new cards, everyone complains that their old decks can’t keep up with new cards so SuperCell “balances” the cards.

In 4 years it’s the same decks and same win conditions most players use. Cards that could have been great get pushed into half @55 supporting roles.

Don’t get me wrong, some balances have been great. Change isn’t a bad thing though. Maybe e-golem should be the highest win % instead of the lowest?

DISCLAIMER - I do not play e-golem or any other newer cards because they turned into knock offs of older cards

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