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First a rant, then a few ideas to help fix the game.

Well after playing from year one to year whatver this is, I can finally say I’m done with this game. It’s just not fun at all, it’s unbalanced, unmotivated, and unloved by the developers. It just isn’t the same as it used to be. For instance, the new card mother witch comes out, it’s trash, no one uses it, after the hype for it supercell just leaves it where it is, like ok? Cool card co cent but you make it garbage and leave it there, good job. Same with the electro giant, on release it had a minor bug. So for the entire duration of the season meant for it, it’s useless and forgotten about. It’s just pathetic at this point. Challenges aren’t friendly for newcomers, still can’t beat the hundreds of sweaty pros that warm up on classic. Farthest I’ve gotten in 4 years is 6 wins, so call that what you will. This game has taken so many hours from me and it used to be worth it, because climbing was pretty rewarding, but now since I’m stuck in mid ladder, challenger...whatever the lighting spell one is idk, it just isn’t fun. So now I’m just wasting an hour a day on the crapper to gain nothing but rage with very little reward for those VERY few games where I don’t play a pathetic no skill balloon freeze (Yea it’s no skill get mad all you want) I miss when people would make actually unique decks and not copy the pros. I don’t use a specific archetype. I just play how I want to and it’s gotten me far, what’s that say about the sheep stuck lower than me using some pros deck they can’t seem to figure out. Either way I’m done until something changes, even then I don’t know if I’ll come back, I just really wanted to rant about this. There’s millions more issues but my thumbs would fall of if I typed them all haha. See ya clash. Ok apparently your not allowed to speak your mind because negativity on a negative thing as bad lol. So here’s some ideas to fix this game, Create a no penalty mode for 1v1. I find it crazy how there isn’t a way to practice a new deck idea without risking trophies or gems, and we don’t all have pro friends willing to 1v1 all the time so why is a quick 1v1 match mode so difficult? I’d love a place to practice, or at least play without consequence! This game is so centered around competition. Another thing is how they could fix clan wars 2, ok here me out, revert it back to old clan wars, it’s not that hard. People have shown their support for the old style, and sure they fixed a few things for clan wars 2 but no one has an interest in it. And small clans can hardly find battles.

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