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redditGame was stagnant and avoided until I made this deck. Hope you like it!

Soul Crusher

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It's not a perfect deck, but I've almost reached my season highest with it and with the possible exception of the unicorn pump deck, it hasn't had any hard counters.

The deck: Mega Knight (I know, I know, but it's the first time I'm using it and it's just so good against hog rider!), inferno dragon, bandit, royal ghost, arrows, zap, and magic archer.

Got my first draw since tiebreaker was introduced (we both had 14 health left on our towers).

Anyway, the strategy is probably self-explanatory. You have to consider the opponents deck but general tips.

  1. Pressure opposite lane with royal ghost to protect inferno dragon in their pushing lane.
  2. Use bandit to protect magic archer near the bridge.
  3. Save arrows until you know their deck and reserve it for gob barrel (top priority), followed by minion horde. After those two cards, it doesn't matter-->princess, firecracker, etc. For log bait, be sure to use bandit or royal ghost for princess.
  4. Magic archer at the bridge is your best friend.
  5. Ram rider as defense card is your best friend. Never play ram rider as an offensive card.
  6. Save zap mainly for bats, skarmy, gob gang, and to ensure that the witches get targeted by your other cards (e.g., inferno dragon).

I have my issues with deckshop ratings, but it got "Great" for attack and defence and "mediocre" for versatility and synergy. However, I always make the opening play and it doesn't hurt me.

Pump is probably going to be a loss, but I encountered pump twice in about 6 months. I'm not sure about royal recruits. I lost to that meta deck, but I think it's because of mistakes that I made rather than the deck being weak.

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