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This is the first time I make such a post, and there's probably way, way too many changes for one balance update (over half of cards are listed, including several complete reworks). Take it as a list of possible balance change ideas rather than what I'd like to see in March update. Also, if you think some of these are completely crazy and would kill a card, feel free to criticize in comments.

This being said, let's start by the cards currently at the top of the RoyaleAPI ratings (https://royaleapi.com/cards/popular?time=7d&cat=GC&sort=rating&mode=grid), before looking at lower-tier cards. Note that I started this work last Saturday and kept the numbers from back then. All stats given are level 9 stats (tournament standard). My source for First Hit Speed values is https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/hwhs7l/table_of_hidden_card_stats_mass_sight_range/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf, I don't know how accurate this is now. We should really be able to see this data (as well as other hidden stats) in-game. In the meantime before it's implemented, does anyone know the stats for the new cards ? I'm especially interested for Mother Witch.

Goblin Giant : hit speed 1.5s -> 1.7s

This reverts the buff it got in Season 18. According to https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashStats/comments/kxpsam/card_power_rating_from_season_9_to_season_18/, this buff wasn't necessary, and the card is now sitting at the best win rate of the game. I haven't practiced the card much, so I don't know what change would be adequate. Maybe this card just works fine with the current meta and doesn't even need a change, we don't hear many complaints about it.

Skeleton Dragons : damage 133 -> 111, hit speed 1.9s -> 1.7s (overall DPS nerf)

They fly and deal splash damage, and their total damage per hit is higher than a 5-elixir wizard (damage per second is lower though). At 59% win rate, I think they deserve a small nerf.

Lava Hound : Lava Pups are now not spread out, like a minion horde.

Currently, Lava Hound is generally paired with a Balloon or other troops. This change would allow to get rid of the pups and focus on troops behind the lava hound quicker using splash troops or a spell. You could for example fireball the pups and knockback the Ballon once the hound is dead.

Cannon Cart : first hit speed 0.6s -> 0.7s

Cannon cart needs a nerf, while Cannon needs a buff. They share their stats but Cannon cart currently have a much faster first hit speed, so I slightly reduced its first hit speed while increasing Cannon's. This should make it easier to avoid it locking on the tower.

Miner : Hitpoints 1000 -> 968

Miner keeps being high in both usage rates and win rates. Because of reduced crown tower damage, it is not used as a win con but as a minitank that can be placed anywhere in the arena. This ability is strong and can easily add 50% value (see for example goblins vs. goblin barrel, although I know balancing is indeed not that simple). Thus I reduced its HP to two thirds of Knight's, hoping it will reduce his popularity. Maybe he needs an even bigger nerf.

Barbarians : no change.

I still mention them because, although we don't hear much about them, they are currently at 57% win rate. However, looking at decks with Barbs I found those are decks that are strong in the current meta because of other cards in their decks, so their win rate may decrease with a meta change. And nerfing Barbarians would also affect Barbarian Barrel, Battle Ram and Barbarian Hut, making balance a nightmare.

Barbarian Barrel : damage 200 -> 180

This means the barrel would still kill goblins, but not spirits, that will thus be able to hit the barbarian that spawns behind these support cards.

Goblin Cage : Hitpoints 800 -> 440, lifetime 20s -> 10s. Brawler first hit speed 0.2s -> 0.3s, damage 279 -> 299 (this part is less important)

The Goblin Cage can kite troops (including win conditions) during its building phase, and then the brawler can kill them as a tank killer. I think the building phase should be all about kiting and not add much extra defensive value. Also I don't think the brawler needs such a fast first hit speed, and to compensate all these nerfs I think it's fair to make it two-shot wizards and musketeers.

Giant Snowball : slowdown 2.5s -> 1.5s

Snowball currently gets much more value than Zap, as it can knockback troops and then slows them down so that they take time to go back to where they were. This nerf should help even out both spells.

Hunter : number of bullets 10 -> 9

The Hunter currently spreads 10 bullets with 1 on its target, 4 on the left and 5 on the right. Removing the rightmost bullet would solve this asymmetry. It would also reduce the crazy damage it deals on melee (currently at 700 damage per hit, it's the third hardest hit after sparky and balloon !) In other situations the rightmost bullet rarely hits something, so it won't change anything in this case.

Royal Delivery : damage 362 -> 335

While Barbarian Barrel deals 17% less damage than the Log, Royal Delivery deals 19% more than Arrows. This is to give an idea of how much damage Royal Delivery deals. The change I'm proposing won't change interactions, for example a magic archer or zappy would still be killed by one extra recruit hit.

Tornado : Damage per tick 70 -> 47, crown tower damage per tick 24 -> 14

Tornado should be nearly only about moving troops, that's why I nerfed its damage to Freeze's. This also means it needs two ticks to kill skeletons and bats, and doesn't kill spear goblins. It can thus activate the King tower against a Graveyard, resulting in an indirect GY nerf (but maybe too RPS ?). Also, I fixed the inconsistency of Tornado being one of the two spells that don't have 30% crown tower damage.

Mortar : Hitpoints 1219 -> 1050

Mortar is currently the highest HP per elixir building, so I reduced its HP. The number I used for the new hitpoints is 120% of a Balloon hit or Lightning, a number I can see working as a standard for buildings although it's currently not used. (This means a Balloon hit or Lightning reduces its lifetime from 30s to 5s.)

Electro Spirit : Chained attacks 9 -> 6 ; Damage 82 -> 91

An Ice spirit can generally not hit as much as 9 targets with its splash radius, so I don't think the Electro spirit needs that much chained attacks. The damage buff is also for consistency with Ice spirit. The Electro spirit would still work better against spread out swarms like Bats, while the Ice spirit works better against single units.

Wall Breakers : Hitpoints 275 -> 252

This brings Wall Breakers' hitpoints down to Archers'. They still don't die to the Log, however they die to three tower hits, meaning that the Princess Tower is able to kill one Wall Breaker before it reaches the tower if unsupported.

Bomb Tower : Hitpoints 1126 -> 1050

At 54% win rate, the bomb tower is currently #3 building, below Goblin Cage and Mortar. Other buildings are way below, so I think it deserves a small nerf. I already explained above (see Mortar) why 1050 hp. Although I like consistency, I think having a 25s lifetime while most others have 30s is fair given it then drops a death bomb.

Fisherman : Hitpoints 720 -> 696

Mostly a consistency fix, as it brings his HP down to as much as Hunter and Witch and doesn't change interactions. I don't think he deserves more than such a small nerf, as Hunter nerf will inevitably lower his win rate.

Mega Minion : Hitpoints 695 -> 696 (just for consistency), Damage 258 -> 234

Mega Minion currently has a high win rate even if it's not used with other top-meta cards, so I think it needs a nerf. With this nerf, it won't kill Archers anymore.

Balloon : First hit speed 0.2s -> 0.3s

Balloon is annoying because it deals so much damage to your tower if it reaches it. This change gives a bit more time to kill the balloon before it hits.

Flying Machine : Hitpoints 510 -> 440, damage 142 -> 150

This change standardizes its HP and should result in an overall nerf, which it needs after the anti-air nerfs. Although weaker, this small damage buff allows it to kill faster several anti-air units such as Magic Archer.

Ice Wizard rework : Hitpoints 590 -> 555, Slowdown 2.5s -> 1.5s, Damage per hit 75 -> 111, First hit speed 0.5s -> 0.6s, Range 5.5 -> 5

Ice wizard would then die to Fireball, which I think is fine as it would still be a -1 elixir trade. Also he now takes longer to start hitting and slowing down, and can't continuously slowdown, which should nerf the Ice Wizard + Tornado defence combo. To counterbalance, he gets an insane damage buff (while Tornado got a damage nerf. Ice Wizard still one-shot minions with a Tornado).

Royal Hogs : Hitpoints 695 -> 696 (consistency), First hit speed 0.25s -> 0.3s

Mostly a consistency fix, as very few units have a first hit speed with a .05.

Night Witch : Hitpoints 750 -> 696, first hit speed 0.75s -> 0.7s

Night Witch would then have the same HP as Witch. This change would make her die to Fireball + Zap/Snowball, which would make her easier to kill when placed in the back and then behind a Golem. Poison interactions won't change : poison still needs 7 ticks with a Log and all 8 ticks with a Zap/Snowball to kill the Night Witch. This nerf is a bit compensated by a small First hit speed buff, which is mostly a consistency fix.

Battle Ram : first hit speed 0.35s -> 0.3s (Consistency fix, which won't change anything in practice as it is usually charging.)

Knight : No change

Despite what others say, at 50% win rate I don't think he needs a nerf. His 26% use rate only shows the lack of alternatives (like the Log that have 33% use rate with 47% win rate).

Earthquake : Damage per second 68 -> 80, Building damage per second 238 -> 191

Currently buildings' total use rate is about 50%. This seems to me very low, as buildings are the primary way to prevent the opponent's win conditions from reaching your towers. Thus I don't think they should have increased Earthquake's building damage. With my change, the 3-elixir Earthquake deals as much damage as the 2-elixir Log against troops and as much as the 4-elixir Fireball against buildings (including crown towers). This strong reduction in building damage should help bring back buildings. This change would also make Earthquake more versatile and less RPS, as it now deals decent damage to troops. It would kill princesses and dart goblins for an even elixir trade, resulting in an indirect nerf to Log Bait that is currently strong in the meta. EQ decks currently often also carry the Log and another anti-air spell (royal delivery or snowball), this change would reduce the utility of such crazy triple spell decks. Finally, it would make its crown tower damage 30% of its building damage, consistently with other spells.

Sparky rework : Damage 1100 -> 1000, first hit speed 1s -> 0.3s. Isn't reset by stun anymore.

I think this stun reset mechanic makes Sparky RPS, and that's why I removed it. The first hit speed buff will help the opponent reset its attack with other cheap cards, as Sparky will now kill the opponent's troop before support cards. It's so annoying to place skeletons, see them killed by a support card and Sparky hitting the tower.

Rage rework : Duration 7.5s at level 9 -> 8s whatever the level. Healing per second 0 -> 21 (level-dependent, only affects troops). Speed boost 35% -> 25%.

Rage is currently the only spell that increases duration with level. This means on an even playing field, whether it's level 9 or level 13 the interactions are the same as cards have both more health and more damage, except Rage that lasts longer. That's why levels should be only about scaling the numbers. As Rage is a spell which boosts your own troops, I thought adding a bit of Healing was a good idea. Also, Rage is annoying to face because it makes the enemy troops so fast to move and hit. That's why I nerfed this aspect, a nerf that is compensated by the adding of Healing. The number I used for Healing per second is 4× less than a Battle healer hit, for a total of half as much as a Heal spirit over the duration of the spell.

Tesla : Hitpoints 942 -> 1050, lifetime 35s -> 30s

With its long lifetime, one can currently cycle Tesla and permanently have one on the board (if it's not hit), even in single elixir. This rework should limit the use of such preplaced defensive Teslas, while reactive Teslas would be stronger. It also standardizes its HP with other reworked buildings.

Electro Wizard rework : Hitpoints 590 -> 555, damage 91×2 -> 95×2, hit speed 1.8s -> 1.7s

This rework is mostly to stay consistent with both other reworked Wizards, with who they would share HP, hit speed, first hit speed and range. So he now dies to Fireball but gets a damage and hit speed buff. The damage buff allows him to kill Archers and the reworked Wall Breakers with its initial zap and one hit, and minions and spirits with a double hit.

Lumberjack : affected by Rage rework.

Bomber : Hitpoints 398 -> 440, first hit speed 0.2s -> 0.4s

This HP buff standardizes his HP with several other units. (Note that he should look bigger, as other 440 hp units are.) The first hit speed nerf is important for the interaction with the reworked Sparky (see above).

Barbarian Hut : Spawn speed 13s -> 11s ; Lifetime 50s -> 40s

It would still spawn the same number of Barbarians, but faster making it harder to deal with. However, you now need to deal a bit less damage to avoid the spawning of the last pair of Barbarians. Also, I'm standardizing all spawners' lifetime to 40s (what Tombstone and Goblin Hut currently have), so that they don't stay too long in the arena.

Three Musketeers : affected by Musketeer buff (see below).

Elixir Collector : Hitpoints 888 -> 1150

The Elixir Collector is about investing elixir to get back more elixir much later, and I don't think its effect should be negated by spells so easily. It would still die to a Rocket, but a Fireball or Earthquake would only remove half of its elixir production (so with EQ it becomes 3 for 4 instead of 6 for 8.)

Musketeer : Damage 181 -> 190

This would allow the Musketeer to kill minions in one hit, as the Tesla does. It's worth noting that the wizards reworks would make her the only troop to not die to Fireball but die to an overleveled one, but I don't see a rework working well. Making it die to Fireball would kill 3Musketeers, while increasing its HP and reducing its damage would make it weaker against cards like balloon.

Skeleton Barrel : Number of skeletons 7 -> 8

It's pretty weak after the health nerf it got in Season 18. Combined with the Electro Spirit nerf, this extra skeleton can hit the tower while an Espirit is killing 6 skeletons and the tower a 7th.

Ram Rider : Hit speed 1.8s -> 1.6s

What makes Ram Rider weak is her low ability to punish investments as a win condition. For 5 elixir, it currently deals less damage than Hog rider if uncountered. The hit speed buff would solve this weakness without increasing the damage it deals on its initial charge.

Goblins : Hitpoints 167 -> 177 (also affects Goblin gang and Goblin barrel)

Without changing many equal-level interactions (only Knight won't kill it in one shot anymore), this would allow Goblins to survive to a one level above Zap/Snowball. This interaction just kills underleveled logbait. With the Electro spirit damage buff, it would still allow the spirit to kill a goblin with a princess tower hit.

Rascals : Girl hitpoints 216 -> 252, first hit speed 1s -> 0.5s

As logbait decks generally revolve on chip damage (princess, dart goblin, goblin barrel), they need fast cycle. Thus, despite being able to bait the log, Rascals aren't much used in logbait decks because at 5 elixir they drive elixir average up, resulting in a dead card. That's why I don't think Rascal girls should die to the Log. Also I don't think they deserve such a slow first hit speed.

Ice Spirit : Freeze 1s -> slowdown 4s

This would overall increase its slowdown ability, while it won't reset inferno anymore. I think resetting infernos should be the exclusivity of the Electro Spirit.

Dart Goblin : First hit speed 0.35s -> 0.4s ; Range 6.5 -> 6

This low in the list a nerf seems weird. But I think his low win rate is due to players playing it without other logbait cards, as Logbait currently has a high win rate and needs a nerf. Aside from the consistency fix with fractional first hit speeds, it feels like Dart goblin hits the tower so fast ; this nerf would make it easier to tank him.

Firecracker : Damage 53×5 -> 67×5, self-knockback reduced (not removed)

It's currently one of the only two cards able to leave skeletons with a few HP at equal level, if we exclude cards with near continuous damage (xbow and infernos). The other one is Heal spirit, but I think it's fair as a heal spell isn't supposed to kill troops. This buff would fix this inconsistency. A reduction of her quite annoying self-knockback mechanic would compensate a bit for such a big damage buff.

Mother Witch rework : Hitpoints 560 -> 696, hit speed 1.2s -> 1.1s. Hogs hitpoints 520 -> 440, hogs damage 44 -> 59. First hit speed ?

Mother Witch would now have the same HP as both other Witches, that makes her not die to Fireball anymore. The hogs are now weaker (which offsets the mother witch's buff), but now hit as hard as Royal hogs and can be created faster.

Guards rework : Elixir 3 -> 2, Shield hitpoints 199 -> 110, Damage 90 -> 67

Outside of some lavaloon decks, Guards are mostly used in midladder (valkyrie and wizard in the top related cards tell the truth). And as u/Vignesh17 said in https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyaleSerious/comments/llbbg5/the_neverending_cycle_of_midladder/, one of the characteristics of midladder is their dislike of cheap cards. And that's why the 3 elixir swarms that are failing in top play (guards, skeleton army and goblin gang, although the last one is actually used in the meta with logbait) remain used in midladder. (Although for Guards specifically, their use rate is low even in midladder.) Thus, I think an elixir cost decrease is the solution to fix the discrepancy between midladder meta and top ladder/challenge meta.

So the 2-elixir Guards would have the same total hitpoints as the 2-elixir Goblins, but split in two parts. They would also deal the same damage as Skeletons, after all they're just shielded skeletons.

Minion Horde : Elixir 5 -> 4, minions 6 -> 5

We have 5 bats for 2 elixir that die to a 1-elixir spirit, 5 goblins (3 + 2 spear) for 3 elixir that die to 2-elixir Log, 5 barbarians for 5 elixir that die to 4-elixir Fireball, so why not 5 minions for 4 elixir that die to 3-elixir Arrows ? So we'd have now 1.25 minions per elixir and a cheaper investment, resulting in an overall buff. If this is too similar to Minions, maybe make them 2 for 2 elixir.

Valkyrie : Elixir 4 -> 3, Hitpoints 1654 -> 1240, Damage 221 -> 167

At 4 elixir, the Valkyrie seems at the same time too heavy for a mini tank and too cheap for a tank. By aligning her elixir cost to Knight, she could be used as a minitank as well, with a bit less HP and slower hit speed in exchange for splash. Her HP and damage would be roughly three fourths of what the 4-elixir Valkyrie currently has.

Inferno Tower : Elixir 5 -> 4, Hitpoints 1452 -> 1050, Damage 35-704 -> 30-350, reload speed 1.6s -> 1.2s

An attempt to bring back this 5-elixir building in the meta would make it very defensive and promote boring defensive gameplay. 5 elixir is just too much for a defensive building. So I aligned its elixir and hit with Inferno Dragon's, and used my building standard for HP (which is similar to Inferno Dragon's too). It would basically trade the ability to move and fly for the ability to kite win conditions and longer range. So we'd then have three 4-elixir defensive buildings with different purposes.

Skeleton Army : Elixir 3 -> 2, Skeletons 15 -> 8

What I said about Guards applies even more to the skeleton army. 15 skeletons just seem too much, in practice they can't all hit a troop. The 8 skeletons would form a circle like the skeleton barrel's drop, so you can still put them surrounding a troop. Combined with the barrel's buff, it also means this skeleton army can be put in a barrel for an extra elixir, same as the three Goblins (I know both barrels don't work the same way).

Executioner : Elixir 5 -> 4, Hitpoints 1010 -> 800, Damage 140×2 -> 111×2.

What I said above about 3-elixir swarms also applies to 5-elixir support/defence cards (Executioner, Wizard, Witch, to be honest I don't know why Bowler doesn't fall in this situation. Maybe because of his tanking ability.) So the 4-elixir Executioner would be in some sense similar to Magic Archer, but he trades the ability to hit towers from outside of their range for more tanking.

Hog Rider : First hit speed 0.6s -> 0.3s

Such a long first hit speed doesn't make sense for a troop going very fast straight to his target. He should charge with his hammer up. This would allow the Hog Rider to get a better chance to hit the tower, so that the hog actually is the win condition in these hog earthquake decks. Currently hog rider is so easily stoppable that EQ sometimes actually deals more damage than hog during the game.)

Cannon : First hit speed 1s -> 0.7s

This buff solves the inconsistency with Cannon Cart.

Furnace rework : Spawn speed 10s -> 8s, now spawns another two spirits at death. Lifetime 50s -> 40s. (This is without the fire spirits rework below. With the rework, it would be one spirit every 6s and one at death, for the same total elixir value.)

It is currently the only spawner building that doesn't spawn anything at death, and it has a really long lifetime for a 4 elixir building. This fixes both these points. Spirits spawning faster also makes them harder to deal with, resulting in an overall buff.

Elite Barbarians : Hit speed 1.5s -> 1.4s ; First hit speed 0.7s -> 0.4s

The Elite Barbarians now hit as fast as the normal Barbarians (but twice stronger). Actually, for this card specifically (and mega knight), I think the main reason why they fail in competitive play is because of this sub actively calling names everyone who uses this card. Really, can you tell me cards that replace well this card that have some elements of a Pekka, Hog rider and Barbarians ? However, their win rate is so low that they probably still need a buff.

Fire Spirits rework : Elixir 2 -> 1, Number of spirits 3 -> 1, Hitpoints 91 -> 190, Damage 178 -> 200

The Fire Spirits would become a single spirit similar to other Spirits, because currently at 2 elixir they're often better replaced by another cheaper Spirit.

Mirror : Mirror card level 10 -> 11

Reducing Mirror's elixir would probably make it overpowered, so this is the only way to buff this card that is consistently in the low win rates. (Also, I said Goblins buff won't change equal-level interactions, well, a mirrored Zap/Snowball would still kill Goblins after the buff.)

Wizard rework : Elixir 5 -> 4, Hitpoints 598 -> 555, Hit speed 1.4s -> 1.7s, First hit speed 0.4s -> 0.6s, Range 5.5 -> 5

The 4-elixir Wizard would die to Fireball (for an even elixir trade) and now have several stats identical to both other Wizards. With the DPS and range nerf, it would also be not usable as a Musketeer anymore.

Witch rework : Elixir 5 -> 4, now spawns skeletons 3 by 3 (in a triangle, 2 in front of her and 1 behind), and one at death. Damage 111 -> 96.

The Witch would then cost the same elixir as both other Witches, which is offset by a reduction in skeletons spawned and in damage (which is now the same as Mother Witch but area damage). She'd also become a skeleton at death, the same way other spawners spawn troops at death.

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