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CW2 has been beat to death. I mean what's the point? Kill the game?

My clan has 50 active members. We win every time. If people can't play on Monday or early Tuesday I guess I should just kick them?

It's dumb. It's pointless. We got first again. Sweet. I got some epics and a legendary. 20 more trophies in the bank. A year from now we might have more competition. Great.

Some months we get paired with a clan that pushes 100% immediately so we get second. Oh no. We get one less card.

No one cares anymore because we don't have the gold to branch out anyway.

How is this the state of the game? I've been playing since launch. I still enjoy it, some game modes are fun. Some challenges are fun. I don't expect to be handed all the gold and cards I'll ever need, I don't expect to be a pro. I'm not sick of the game I'm sick of the updates making the game worse.

Clan wars 1 was getting stale I guess but in retrospect it was absolutely better than CW2. At least it gave me a reason to play every day.

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