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redditWhat about the ability to tap cards - once they're on the field - to get them to reset their targetting?

Soul Crusher

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Giant at the bridge, you defend with an inmediate Musketeers. Unfortunately for you he plays bats behind the Giant and your Musk will get bitten! Just tap it! She will retarget to her closest enemy - the bats now. It will take her a while but she'll get rid of them and survive to keep shooting at the Giant. How close it was! And a Graveyard is ravaging the tower...

Make it as

  • an option to tap any card at any time for a cost of 2 (?) elixirs or ;

  • a spell - a zap (stun) for your cards.

If implemented as a permanent feature this would be a game changer, next level for the game. Extra skill needed, reaction time, knowledge of interactions. The is what the CEO of Supercell wants, tell him I said that.

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