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Apparently, the fact that fire spirits can die to zap and almost any proyectile in the game holds them back compared to the other spirits. They are countered very easily but don't provide such a big reward. Fire Spirits should be more like Wall Breakers: a low-risk-high-reward card but easily eliminated. Possible ideas:

  1. Fire Spirits number increased from 3 to 4, with the rest of stats unchanged. Remember that 4 fire spirits will take down fireballies like wizards, musketeers, hunter and witch. This also helps in defense so a fire spirit can tank a hit while the other 3 and the princess damage takes down the enemy troop.
  2. Deploy time reduced from 1 second to 0.75 seconds, making fire spirits vulnerable less time and attack faster.
  3. Damage increased by 20%, from 178 to 214 (+36 increase). This would allow 3 fire spirits to kill the wizards and musketeer. Total damage of three fire spirits is 642, similar to two wall breakers. But what about furnace? We will reduce its lifetime by 10 seconds, from 50s to 40s. This results in one less wave of fire spirits and if you do the math, damage stays practically the same! (old furnace 1068 damage total; new furnace 1070 damage total)
  4. Don't do anything. Fire Spirits are good as they are.
  5. Try to make Fire Spirits into one big spirit like the other ones we have in the game

What do you guys think?

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