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I think that supercell is active driving people away from clash royal. When clash royal came out I played it a lot. I made my way to the highest arena ( I think it was hog mountain back then) and continued to climb through the arena. I eventually stopped playing because I started playing something else, but I always loved the game. I eventually came back (1 year ago) and started playing again. I was put into challenger and everything went wrong. Mega Knight was in every single game that I played and it was the most oppressive thing I have ever experienced in this game. It quickly drove me away from the game but just recently I picked it back up yet again. HOW IS MEGA KNIGHT STILL IN EVERY DECK??? HOW HAS IT NOT BEEN BALANCED IN OVER A YEAR??? Literally any other card I can counter easily, but Mega Knight is still oppressive. It stops every push and then counterattacks and I struggle to defend. I should not have to run one of two cards in every single deck just to counter one card that is in every one else's deck. Why has this not been fixed in the entirety of mega knights existence. I really thin that this issue would be so easy to fix. I think that they should either remove the aoe on either his jump or normal attack, or just only let him jump once. And honestly, I don't care if he is nerfed into the ground. He has been in every deck for years, I think he can be nerfed into being in no decks now. The game is so repetitive now. You only ever play one of two decks. I remember when I first started playing even into the top arenas everyone was trying new strategies and it was always so fun to adapt to the new comps. When will supercell nerf the knight? I really think that the balance issues in this game make it so unenjoyable and makes me actively not want to play more than a few games a year.

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