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redditGenuine Question - Why is it most of the BM you see in Clash comes from people who just copy a meta deck off youtube

Soul Crusher

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As title. I've noticed especially on weekends that a massive, massive portion of the people that BM during/after a game are the same ones that just go to youtube every season for 'which deck to use', then go off like they've just pulled off the most clutch play in existence. I can pretty much guess who I'm going to have to mute emotes for during the match based on their first two cards. Prime examples hog cycle and xbow. I used to be one of those that denied the existence of griefers in Clash but my god, do they exist. I wouldn't mind as much if it was off their own back, but there's something exquisitely infuriating about getting BM'd by a Youtube Monkey

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