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I really hate it when people say "this sub has gone to shit" cuz usually it just means it doesnt get the exact posts they want to see, but this time I will say it:

This sub has gone to shit.

Whenever I post something here people dont look at what I post they just see that I'm a max level player on mid ladder and throw around insults for that. I have played this game since release and I have worked hard to get to the point in game where I am now. I may not be the best player, so I need some higher level cards to be able to compete with better players.

A little while back I posted a video of something I was quite proud of, it might have looked like nothing in your eyes but to me it felt great, but the responses were solely about the fact that im a max level player and that I'm a troll.

Sorry for not living up to your standards. I just play to have fun. Not everyone can be a pro player in this game.

This will probably get downvoted into oblivion, but I hope I triggered at least some people to be a little less of an ass.

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