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After re-watching Clash with Ash's SuperCell interview, pt.2, I noticed in the middle of the video that Drew was referring to the newest update as " I don’t want to get your hopes up... but your wildest dreams will come true ." and when Drew was making an analogy to other games, he referred to a certain having a tower that has an ability. I feel the next update will introduce tower abilities or spoil the concept of tower abilities.

This is not good. In a recent post that I made, I speak on how tower abilities can be added. From this video, it seems that SC intends to have it as an unlockable item like where a majority of the player base is already at. We shouldn't be given an item immediately if we fall in a category. We should work for it. Here is my post from earlier Clan Wars 3; I want to be sure that we don't receive something that won't make this game economically better. There's a satisfaction in grinding, not when you get something out of nowhere. If SC puts these abilities super high in the trophy road, that would be better, but now underleveled players won't play with these new mechanics. I feel I have found a good median.

Please respond with your thoughts.

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