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I've been playing largely f2p for more or less 4 years. I finally have 30+ max cards and I'm noticing an incredibly unfair imbalance. Now that I have all these maxed cards, I'm getting a massively accelerated amount of coins from maxed stacks, which goes towards maxing other cards.

I feel as though new players deserve this type of accelerated progress if anyone. It seems totally off to me that you have to play for four years f2p in order to see this type of reward, and now that I'm on the other side of the grind, it is pretty disheartening to imagine all the players out there going through what I did.

"But how will Supercell make their money?" We are well past that now. Supercells once biggest mobile game in the world is now dying due to their greed and profound incompetence. Card levels are a hot button issue in the game, causing many of the worst problems people complain about.

Accelerating the card collecting process for new players would be a basic, easy step they could take to reverse this process - and as counter intuitive as it may seem, make themselves more money by creating a game that doesnt feel like the suckiest grind waste of time ever.

-Warning, standard idea post turning into rant-

I like this game. I've just come off a two month hiatus and have returned. It doesnt take long to get reminded why this game is crashing so hard. Its a pretty miserable and disappointing affair. My once motivated clan, whilst still active, have not much nice to say about the game anymore, hardly communicate about anything other than the poor state of the game, and righteously so.

I could think of about a million and one ideas better than the one I've suggested in this post, and I've seen another million good ideas on here that get ignored. Reallt disheartening.

I think its about time Supercell sucks it up and proves they care more about the success of the game and the happiness of the players, rather than just maximising their short term profits. There is no respect for the consumer who generously spends hundreds of hours and collectively billions of dollars on this game. I find it appalling.

Is there anyone here who doesnt feel like this game has grown stale? Or who doesnt feel like the business/customer relationship is massively skewed in the direction of Supercell? This isn't normal. Developers are supposed to make money in a way that supports the game, and doesnt cause massive detriment.

Take Fortnite for example. A free game that has been so successful solely due to Epic deciding they wouldnt charge up front, and would instead invest in the game itself and charge for cosmetics. Supercell could've taken this approach, its been suggested many times, their emotes were wildly successful for a short minute before they screwed up time and time again and lost their most committed customers.

I'm starting to wonder if they've just committed to the idea that this game is slowly dying and have no intention of actually fixing it. Scaling back balance changes only tells me as much, that they are putting in less resources.

But I already figure this post will be for nothing. As giving as this community is, I doubt we are likeminded enough to organise a boycot or a mass petition to tell them to pull their finger out. And this will probably be the last post I ever make to try and contribute, as it always falls on deaf ears.

Inevitably there will be replies "if you dont like the game then stop playing it." I do like the game. But it grows undeniably stale at times, no matter who you are, and especially after years of grinding just to compete on an even level.

I think I'm out. I cant stand the idea of being a statistic of another miserable daily player who they will consider a success solely due to the fact that I care enough to play their lazy, greedy excuse of a game.

Later guys.

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