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redditMuch like the SC, I'm giving up on this game

Soul Crusher

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They don't both with balance changes (Oh, because we're working on other parts of the game! Right...). I'm just so sick of every tedious aspect to this game. The BMs, the same meta decks, whatever deck I use, I get matched with the hard counter, war grind EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I met great people and I've maxed my account and had a lot of fun, but it's been horrible for far too long and I don't think SC is going to do a damn thing about it (except keep charging us for season pass).

I'm not even going to make use of my season pass for the final challenge. That's how fucking sick of this shit I am. It's the mobile game version of Game of Thrones. You had an amazing product, SC, and due to some factors I'm not privy to, you decided to just keep shitting on the game.

Now it gathers dust from you (aside from the money offers, of course).

I'll come back if you actually revamp the game, but that probably means that I'm gone for good.

Those of you that still find fun in this game, congrats and game on. I just know there are dozens of better options for me than spending all the time this game requires me to spend for an experience that is equal parts boring and frustrating.

You could have changed a lot of things about this game SC. You could have even told us you were going to change things. You've done nothing. You've said nothing. And you've made this game...nothing.

Anything you tried would have been appreciated: New war revision, adjusted war mechanics, introducing heroes, new game modes, tickets to challenges as a reward, the list is literally endless. But you do *nothing*. Week after week, month after month, you do *nothing* I've created entire games and software packages in the time it takes you to say "we care, just keep giving us money and we promise sometime around the corner changes may come!"

I'm done being your ATM for nothing in return.

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