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redditTwo months of notes on how I think SC can improve CR

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For the past couple of months I've been keeping a note of ideas I've had for the game. A couple are new ideas, but the majority are actually just improvements to existing features that can better our existing experience while we wait for new content and features. A lot of them I've been thinking about way longer than two months, but I finally decided to jot them all down...

(Likely Good) Improvements

  • Further improve the drop chance for cards when the player has maxed all others of that rarity. Needing one common and playing through the whole of pass royale just to open it 3-4 times is garbage player experience.
  • Give every player one queuing chest slot. Give two to Pass players or exchange value with something else. As a pass buyer, I honestly wouldn't miss it's value in the pass if every player had the feature.
  • Stop selling emote bundles in shop for cash value. It’s a slap in the face for maxed-out completionists who pride themselves on a full set of obtainable emotes.
  • Whatever colour background you use for the home screen, use it for all the other panels - deck collection, challenges, etc. I can’t believe this is still a design choice after so many seasons.
  • Golden Star Point Skins - Not all cards need SL3 skins, but they’re fun to collect as you try out more decks. This was one feature people didn’t really have a problem with and it died a death. Please restart and see it through rather than leaving half the collection unable to benefit.
  • Communicate in-game - I know Community managers are active on Reddit, Twitter etc. but some other games I’ve checked out recently have regular blog posts available to read in the game. Now more than ever, transparency is your friend and we want to hear about your trials and ideas and thoughts on the game. Where better to talk directly to your player base than inside the game.
  • Cycle Arenas - It’s been said before, let us choose a changeable home arena to fight in for challenges, 2v2, etc. So many great arenas I never see anymore.
  • Second emote drawer - It would be great if we could move from our 8 main emotes to 8 secondary emotes in-game with a swipe of the thumb up or down on the emote drawer.
  • Challenge Deck Slot - A deck for current challenges that doesn’t disrupt our other decks. Maybe even one for 2v2, or a whole second page of deck slots. Trying more decks diversifies the meta (kinda). I never thought I’d live to see the day but DAMN SON, Hearthstone is getting 27 deck slots. The technology exists and the appetite is there for it.

(Probably Bad) New Ideas

  • Customisable card tray - The wooden plank my cards sit in during a match is dated. Let us buy and earn alternatives. An electric bordered yellow and blue one with a moustache, a shiny metal one with pancakes or one made of bones clutching bombs.
  • More than War - Avoiding clan wars puts clans in the same perilous situation as Brawlstars’ clubs. Sure, we can trade and swap cards, but we need another goal. Like the PvE boat battles of War, why can’t it be ‘Last 5 minutes with a 2v2 clan team mate to fend off the endless onslaught of invading giant skeletons.” to achieve a clan goal of kill 1,000 giant skeletons. Or a combined effort to take out a king tower with 300,000HP and 2x/3x/7x elixir.
  • Training camp - While we’re on a round of staff turnover, why not fire the trainers in the training camp. They are awful. Just awful. Why not just turn that whole mode into a 1v1 Casual mode. Maybe even a second option to randomise the game mode. Y’know, just for fun.
  • Promotional Games - When you're about to be promoted to a new league you could go into a promotional BO3 Duel. When you hit Battle on the home screen before a promotional match, you're asked to choose three of your decks to lock in. Your one max E-barbs, Loon, Rage, Freeze, Horde, Witch, Valk, Skarmy deck will only get you so far.

None of these ideas are going to sate the appetites of players who are ravenous for new content, game modes, a fresh Clash feature or a satisfying Clan Wars, but I thought maybe someone would appreciate my ramblings. I tried to focus on bettering what we have instead of listing infinite possibilities of new content, but I do feel quite strongly that even if they get Clan Wars right, there's still players who don't care for the mode so we need a variety of clan coop experiences.

Also, now I've thought of it I am sick of looking at that wooden card tray.

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