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redditWhy Is Clash Royale Failing? (Hint: It's not Clan Wars)

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A lot of people on here like to rant on here about how awful Clan Wars is, and quite frankly while it was a rough launch, the finished product is fine. I actually LIKE having the breadth of my cards involved, because it keeps people from being L11 one-shot wonders with maxed L13 decks. Level your cards, get farther. It makes sense and the different modes was really the only thing it was missing.

But what about this game is causing problems, if you look at it? I'll tell you: a stale meta.

Look at the last bunch of releases for cards: E-Giant, E-Spirit, H-Spirit, M-Witch.

Some of them see only middling play, but the vast majority of their use and win ratios have been permanently in the toilet. Why? Is it because everybody just likes their decks and doesn't want to change? Is it because they are poor design? Is it because they have no utility?

No. It's because at its core, this game is about abusing towers for damage output. Through clever placement of dirt-cheap inferior troops, you can invariably trade positively. The best use of mana is to spam garbage units in front of your tower until your opponent has created an elixir deficit, then use a chip card for damage. The idea that push decks win is generally based on the idea that with your perfect play, the low-cost cycle deck makes errors. BIG errors, because they are trading so efficiently that small errors are simply spammed away.

Mana efficiency of cards like Ice Golem, Skellies, Skelly Army, Log, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Bats, Knight, and Barb Barrel are idiotic. There's literally no counter to these cards, not because they aren't killable, but because they can't be reliably killed for cheaper. The entire concept isn't illustrated better than a 7 cost Pekka being rendered completely useless by a 2 cost Ice Golem. I don't mean it makes it mostly useless, I mean your Pekka die walking after the Ice Golem. Your only choice to keep a 7 cost card relevant is to SPEND MORE ELIXIR. Why on Earth would I bring a card that, at best, I will have to pool & spend 8+ mana to have a chance at doing something?

Which brings us to the core concept of Ice Golem, which has no value other than to tank until other damage kills the incoming units. There is almost no way to play it that won't be a net benefit for the user. How absolutely low skill, boring, and passive is this card? Oh, but that's rare. Nope. Skellie Army counters every single tank / single target unit in the game. Mother Witch was added to the game to offer a counter to Skellie Army and other spam and comes in at 4 elixir. They can drop a Skellie Army on her to kill her. LOL.

These types of cards completely eclipse new cards because they are simply too elixir efficient. The user simply has to plunk down the card, wait for the tower to kill the incoming units, then chip. There is no point in introducing any more cards, any more fancy concepts, or any more wacky game modes until this fundamental design flaw is addressed. Because until they do, there will simply be no reason to play anything but the ridiculously OP dirt-cheap cards.

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