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redditLong time player returning after a roughly 1 year break, what happened to this game?

Soul Crusher

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First of all: River Race is a joke right?

1v1 matches are still rigged. After a long winning streak I get a long losing streak. It can't be coincidence that I get a variety of decks and then all of a sudden 5 Graveyard decks (my worst counter). The only good thing I could say about it is that I lose less trophies than I gain up to a certain trophy level. Probably why I was able to get to 6000 trophies for the first time.

The party mode is a glorified 2v2 button; I would've expected 2v2 ladder or some other sort of exciting new feature. There literally isn't a single new feature since I left. I'm not talking about new cards or new QoL changes but gamechanging things like when Leagues or Clan Chest first came out.

I'm looking through TV royale and the amount of views is 50k at best where it used to be hundreds of thousands. Looking through lower arena replays I noticed they have 0 views. This means they have no new players, which is embarrassing for a game with such a successful past..

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