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reddit(Somewhat) List of possibly interesting changes I think are needed for the balance of the current state of Clash Royale

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I was going to make this post days and hours earlier, firstly towards the end of 2 weeks prior, then planning specifically last Monday morning (February 7th) anywhere from 4 AM to 9 AM. I kept getting depressed over despite the fact I would finally make the post at a time for the best awareness, yet it would still be a pointless effort and would get put down or ignored. I also keep thinking about how pointless it would be even if everyone does more than just agree, realizing similarly addressed problems and evaluate changes and improvise in-general in thought process, especially towards this game (and maybe, possibly the sub-reddit), and yet that the dev team would care too much to make it an effort not to focus on the sub nor expect such a post (even if it actually isn't good at all). Even if such a post could be so positively impactful that it would not appease to their objective with at the very least the upcoming changes in the game.

I wanted to explain these changes so much in detail, I even had past changes to bring back due the thoughts that they were still relevant. I finished with an over 85,000 byte post and couldn't post due the 40,000 byte (labeled character) limit. This was really depressing as I couldn't post something I put constant effort in and despite the amount of times I pushed it, there was something stopping me from getting the whole refined final post being posted at the supposed (considered by Reddit) perfect time to do so. Due to this, I will post the very basic structure of my thoughts, the balance changes themselves. Some may have explanations to ease and increase discussion and support, especially now that I have re-thought it over and will hopefully have the whole thing posted by today, this Monday (February 15th of 2021). (Due to an over 55,000 byte limit I have to post until Tuesday, further delaying view of changes)

Before showing the table of contents and how the balance changes will be presented, I just wanted to say this was to be before the recent unexpected Earthquake change as well as during others' balance changes posts amidst the drafts of my post, so I am sorry if this was too late for timeline of events and is a congestion for the sub-Reddit or at the very least misses the opportunity to discuss these changes during the past weeks. I am also sorry if due to the decision of how the post will be portrayed, that things seem unclear or incoherent.

(Lastly sorry on formatting, Reddit is very limited.)

*I make a lot of edits after posts to improve formatting, fix post errors, or add anything so please don't take this as the end all be all (especially if I (and others) have no power of actually putting these in the game right after this post...). I will try to make this is as polished as possible though.

The balance changes will be in order of: Troops > Spells > Buildings; and the cards presented in the order of the in-game elixir cost filter from least to greatest.

**Table of Contents:**

I. Past Changes -

\- (Past) TROOPS: 1 Skeletons 2 Bomber 3 *Skeleton Army 4 Ice Wizard 5 Mega Minion 6 *Skeleton Barrel 7 *Lumberjack 8 Electro Wizard 9 Zappies 10 Flying Machine 11 Healer 12 Wizard 13 Balloon 14 Mega Knight

\- (Past) SPELLS: 1 Rage - (Includes ideas) 2 Graveyard 3 Rocket

\- (Past) BUILDINGS: 1 *Tombstone

II. Recent Changes -

\- (Recent) TROOPS: 1 *Haste Spirit 2 Miner 3 Baby Dragon 4 Royal Giant 5 Sparky 6 Lava Hound 7 Royal Recruits

\- (Recent) SPELLS: 1 *Haste 2 Earthquake 3 Fireball 4 Freeze 5 Poison

\- (Recent) BUILDINGS: *NONE*

Past Possible Changes to Consider:


Skeletons -

* Hit Speed deducted from 1 second to 1.1 seconds (or 1.2 seconds, what ever is best for balance)

\- **IMPORTANT:** Affects Skeleton Army, Skeleton Barrel, Tombstone, and Graveyard.

*(This next one is a past maybe change, I am not sure if its really necessary right now but don't completely disregard or get over-dramatic as this was just an interesting idea at the time.)

Bomber -

* Now throws 3 bombs consecutively.

* Damage increased from 271 to 273 at tournament standard(Approximately 0.74% or 0.7% increase in damage)

* Hit Speed deducted from 1.9 seconds to 2.4 seconds (possibly this or based upon animation)

* Range decreased from 5 tiles to 4 tiles

\- Each bomb will do 1/3 (one-third) of the total damage which is 91 of 273 for tournament standard.

Ice Wizard -

* Hit points decreased from 590 to 571 at tournament standard(Approximately 3.2% or 3% decrease in hit points)

\- All current wizards in the game will now die to Fireball.

Mega Minion -

* Damage increased from 258 to 300 at tournament standard(Approximately 16.3% or 16% increase in damage)

\- **Anything 299 damage or above (being approximately 15.9% or 16% in increase of damage) is needed to 2 shot musketeer at tournament standard, being 258 hit points**.

* Hit Speed deducted from 1.6 seconds to 1.7 seconds

\- Mega Minion can now 2 shot Musketeer without interaction of towers while still taking 3 shots from Musketeer (*unless a hit speed of 1.6 is preferred for balance causing Musketeer to deal 1 less shot in damage or rather 2 shots in total before dying to the updated Mega Minion without tower interaction*)

*(This next one was before the unexpected changes but was to be included with the rest intuitively and evidently, although maybe he could be an exception. I am not sure what to determine of this to be honest now that the unexpected changes have taken place, and ironically after the drama and actual issues as a result have decreased or been solved and then been accustomed to, then maybe it's still a worthwhile change to consider.)

Electro Wizard -

* Hits points decreased from 590 to 571 at tournament standard(Approximately 3.2% or 3% decrease in hit points)

\- All current wizards in the game now die to Fireball.

*(With the recent meta, version, or state of the game, this next card has been used more so maybe no changes should be made.)

Zappies -

* (Possibly longer attack duration)

\- Zappies individually or each "Zappy", may charge up and then release a lasting bolt stream stunning the target for 0.5 seconds (opposed to the original single quick volt of electricity).

Flying Machine -

* Hit box slightly increased (To be similar to Mega Minion)

\- Flying Machine will now be able to be hit by an opposing Fireball radius when 5 tiles from the side of a princess tower.

(Makes combinations of plays with Flying Machine that should lose out to a Fireball that you have and played well enough and preparing to use, then you should be able to hit this card if possible)

Battle Healer -

* No longer passively self-heals

*THIS CARD IS THE CULPRIT OF ELIXIR GOLEM DECKS, NOT ELIXIR GOLEM. You should not have to deal with a card that heals other cards and herself in her own attack and knowingly avoid anything that allows her to proc her effect (being attacking via melee), only for her to RE-HEAL HERSELF despite trying to already be dealt with AND being avoided to prevent healing. THAT'S OVERKILL, overpowered!

Furthermore, you can already deal with Elixir Golem without healing (AND GET BENEFITTED FOR IT), so clearly Healer OBVIOUSLY trying to prevent that would mean she is what makes Elixir Golem stand long enough to be so "impossible" to take out and THUS IS the PROBLEM.

Wizard -

* Damage increased from 234 to 348 at tournament standard(Approximately 47.7% or 47% increase in damage)

* Hit speed deducted from 1.4 seconds to 1.7 seconds

* Hit Points decreased from 598 to 571 at tournament standard(Approximately 4.5% or 5% decrease in hit points)

\- Wizard will now be able to 2 shot Mega Minion (in 2.4 seconds opposed to the previous 3 shots in 4.2 seconds).

\- All current wizards in the game will now die to Fireball.

*I think a range nerf could occur as well putting him down from 5.5 to 5, 4.5 or 4, but then he may coincide with executioner except has a higher dps and dies to fireball. Although it could give positive competition due to such.

Balloon -

* Hit points decreased from 1396 to 1351 at tournament standard(Approximately 3.2% or 3% decrease in hit points)

\- Balloon will now die to 1 Rocket, but will still take a total of 16 shots from a tournament standard Princess Tower.

*I have wasted much time and byte space on why Balloon should or may not need a change, however, with this change of a nerf to Balloon and a buff to Rocket, I have realized I can keep Balloon exactly how it is but allow Rocket to one-shot it.

You can give any argument to why you don't think Balloon needs such a change, but they are all for supporting the point of greed. This is an aggressive mid-cost win condition, it flies forcing air targeting options and can avoid being played at the bridge like a ground troop which also forces a more difficult way to defend (specifically distract and pull) Balloon, it instantly attacks upon tower making knockback flimsy but necessary, and when it dies it drops a big splash radius bomb that does more damage than a Mortar OR EVEN A HOG RIDER. Furthermore, it survives Rocket putting opponents at elixir disadvantages, allowing Balloon to be tanked, and making Freeze and Rage obnoxious and unfair options in the game. This is one of the only cards in the game that fundamentally punishes other decks by tempo and cost, but avoids being countered by the RPS system of cards implemented by design to this game.That is the definition of broken and unfair.

Other win conditions that don't even act as fast as Balloon nor can be played as fast or supported as such, die to Rocket AND DON'T get bonus effects THAT EVEN BEAT other win conditions in terms of damage. Some of these win conditions, not only are they played slower than Balloon, but have to have more invested into them to work just as well.

Even non-win condition plays that are more expensive, like Elite Barbarians + Rage at bridge survive Rocket. So how does a cheaper aftermath effect Balloon targeting solely buildings do so? Cards like Sparky, Xbow, and even Giant practically lose out to Rocket and have to do so much more EVEN when giving value to the opponent. Hog Rider is cheaper than Balloon, and even Hog Rider plays are more expensive and less value than Balloon pushes.

Balloon is the equivalent of having a Minion Horde that goes straight for the tower, with an attacking advantage, AND DOESNT DIE to ARROWS, AND THEN, IF it does die, you just get a bomb with a radius and splash damage that does more damage than a Mortar shell or Hog Rider hit.

*(There's a lot of controversy over this next card, at least over long periods of time it seems... So I expect random backlash and hope/despair otherwise.)

Mega Knight -

* Jump range decreased from the interval of "3.5 tiles to 5 tiles", to now "3 tiles to 4 tiles"

\- (I think this should honestly just be 3, 3.5 or "3 to 3.5" tiles)

*I will try to summarize multiple previously attempted explanations and additional thoughts that were really good. Without such, I don't think players of all caliber will truly understand why this needs to be, EVEN if they comprehend and can compromise with this change. Please be civil over this, making ignorant meme posts or flame wars for attention or absurd uses for a false-boost of ego both in comments or posts, is not progression for this game OR any form of progression in life. We need support, not illogical hate (especially fearful or envious hate), IN GENERAL:

"I am not sure what the problem about nerfing this card is here, as of making this post people are still being controversial on this card. However, I have yet to see a change like this and this actually addresses problems that cards like Mega Knight negatively cause, rather than harshly nerf them. Unlike possibly improper changes, this is no stats change to make him less viable as an option competing with P.E.K.K.A., it also therefore wouldn't generally make him less viable due to keeping his interactions similar. Thus, this change is to suppress his overvalue, specifically with his jump ability.

He can leap as heavy as it seems at a maximum of 5 tiles! As long as some cards can shoot from, making them in comparison useless, ESPECIALLY in interaction. A P.E.K.K.A who not only moves 3 to 5 tiles but slams down and with every attack splashes, while even causing knockback thus resetting cards which a P.E.K.K.A. is not capable of (thus being forced to use specific interaction placements unlike Mega Knight). I've seen people even want to remove the quality that is "enter the arena ability", but Mega Knight has it by design and makes sense as such, so you can't remove it, HOWEVER, the ability to continuously jump around and do it, is quite oppressive. Changing that mechanic in anyway shape or form would ruin the card, so I decided the change of range is perfect, although I am not sure by exactly how much.

I wanted to further add in between this that Royal Delivery had its knockback removed because of this, despite the fact that it also targeted air, it doesn't even knockback nor does multiple hits nor with splash like a Mega Knight. It is a delayed one time use and even that was oppressive and wanted to be changed by the community.

Mega Knight shows a 3.5 to 5 tile range meaning he starts to jump if a target is as far as 3.5 tiles away (nothing lower unless already in jumping animation), and can't target and jump farther than 5 tiles (like 5.1 tiles or 6 for visuals). It should be considered that anything below 3 would practically make him jump instantly with close interaction thus making it practically impossible to melee attack him, and should therefore be avoided.

I would like some feedback on the value given in this being a Jump range of: 3, OR 3.5, OR 3 to 3.5, OR 3 to 4. *It should be understood that anything below 3 tiles would cause him to jump at melee range or continuously jump even if touching, therefore it should be completely avoided from having the minimum value go below 3 tiles. Opposingly anything higher than the maximum of 5 tiles would further break the fundamentals of the game.*

With this mechanic he acts like a tankier Bandit that can knockback, splash, and do damage close to P.E.K.K.A. therefore over shadowing cards like Bomber, the defensively comparable Bowler (for only 2 more elixir!) and the offensively comparable Dark Prince. He takes away viability of options in the game, becomes a stronger win condition like role than P.E.K.K.A., and is way obnoxious meaning his capability should be toned down, but not ruined. Please keep this in mind, I am not ruining Mega Knight, but just balancing. If you over rely on him and complain about him being considered, then that's a problem in-itself both showing the card is oppressive and that you need to start improving your own skills as a player if you look to do well. I hope this change happens, it's very nice in-theory and it allows so many good things to happen. Please be more optimistic if not already considering this critically thinking-wise/cognitively and without bias, especially considering there may be no chance this change or any other occurs.


*(This next card is also controversial and most definitely for bad reasons. This card speaks unbalanced in the fundamentals of Clash Royale changing interactions obnoxiously in 2 advantageous ways. There is always an uptight bias that doesn't prove their justification because their exact reason is it can give them effortless wins which is contrary. The fact the usage of its original form isn't even the sole reason why it is a problem states otherwise from their intentions of keeping a practical win button.

I've heard some ideas game addition-wise and in terms of rework by changing the spell a spirit, however, many people are worried about the extensive existence of multiple spirits to the game, especially if and actually because it's not really an idea that works for this card as much as it made sense for heal anyway.

Ideas shouldn't be randomly made because they were good for something else, it should be consequently done because it will be good as its own reason in response, thus providing a better/improvised thing.)

Rage -

* Boost split into 3 categories: Damage, Movement Speed, Hit Speed

* Damage percentage is 40%

* Movement Speed percentage is 15%

* Hit Speed percentage is 15%

*(Give feedback on specifically damage (I was going to do 50), however, if you have knowledge on unit movement speeds, please give some information on how these changes would affect them opposed to the previous summed 35%. Thank you very much in advance (especially if devs could ever provide more information on this especially in response)).

\- Rage will now be damage based with slight speed boosts opposed to previously having damage, movement speed, and hit speed all summed up into one decently big percentage. *(ideas will be present in recent changes for compromise)

\- Affects Lumberjack's dropped rage.

(Rage could be made solely for damage or at least its main focus damage while its speed attributes are low just like in Clash of Clans, while Haste could be introduced for solely higher MOVEMENT speed ONLY, but that would mean either changing lumberjack to add both or it would just make him not as oppressive with just rage. That would make lumberjack alone the focus of the balance though which is is mainly the problem anyway, and as well as focusing on the maximum speed Haste could propose. However, in actual terms, the dev team would have to be open to splitting cards like these to make them not only balanced but also to how they actually function in their originally respective game. If that was to happen then I would totally prefer that rather than just saying play this one card to make cards get to a destination faster, attack faster, and EVEN do more damage than already capable with speed and card choice... (that is just dumb, literally overkill, come on now), and then try and nerf it making it a pointless problem in the game. Its purpose is to be there only to be suppressed, doesn't make sense and needs a proper use. It's ironic the reason it's really good in Clash of Clans is why it shouldn't be implemented into Clash Royale, it's made to make destroying buildings easier, why introduce something that makes already viable concepts easier just to avoid interaction? This is a player vs player game, not player vs environment.)

Graveyard -

* Skeleton spawn speed reduced from 0.50 seconds to 0.60 seconds

* Graveyard duration deducted from 10 seconds to 12 seconds

* *Affected by Skeleton hit speed deduction*

\- 4 skeletons will now survive after Poison ends instead of 2 due to slower spawn speed and increase in the duration of graveyard.

\- Skeleton hit speed deduction change will reduce how quickly the spawned Skeletons can do damage overtime opposed to previously being slightly faster (possibly causing a quite fast ramp up in damage despite even defending well).

*I will add previously attempted information as I have looked forward for this change for awhile, no one has mentioned such and I think it would greatly solve the Graveyard AND EVEN a conundrum with the usage of Poison, especially being tied to Graveyard (in terms of the deck, matchups, popularity overall and abuse in such decks especially with certain combinations of other cards):

"the idea if not understood intuitively or rather evidently, Poison is or at least was once commonly mentioned as the best and maybe somewhat the only TRUE counter to Graveyard; A counter that could not be stopped, could stop all of Graveyard and for a positive elixir trade. However, if that is the case, then that means you have to always have Poison for the best thing to happen against a Graveyard while otherwise Graveyard is just practically impossible to stop. This means if you have Poison then Graveyard barely does anything while not having Poison means you practically can't stop Graveyard from doing a ton of damage. Therefore, because of this controversial issue of the game focusing on having Poison or not, it would be best decided if only Graveyard was changed to where it gets some value against it's best counter, HOWEVER, Graveyard would be overall easier to deal with by all the cards in the game that can technically deal with Graveyard. So no longer do you have to have Poison for Graveyard and nor do Graveyard players have to focus on cycling Poison, especially in the mirror match concerning all the scenarios of Poison"

Rocket --

* Damage increased from 1232 to 1352 at tournament standard(Approximately 9.74% or 10% decrease in damage)

/- Rocket now one-shots Balloon.

/- Sparky's later change will prevent Rocket from one-shotting Sparky.



Recent Possible Changes to Consider:


(As a result of the Rage change instead of a Haste spell)

*Haste Spirit -

* Stats identical to Heal Spirit, **EXCEPT for movement speed and effect**

* Movement Speed is Very Fast

(could be Medium but wouldn't be able to reach Crown Towers like other spirits unless hit points are changed)

* Haste spell effect occurs after jump to landing contact

* Haste Radius is 2.5 tiles

* Haste Duration is 7.5 seconds

*Further previously attempted additional thoughts:

I think Haste Spirit is a much better idea than Rage Spirit (which is what my correct Rage spell change was referring to) IF Haste was introduced into the game. There is a reason for it, but not Rage (Nor Fire Spirits being a single bigger spirit...).

It would be a pink spirit who has a radiating haste aura/effect on them, and for balance it could be a tiny fast spirit, OR a slow slightly bigger than the average size spirit (for added visual effect).

The reason being is if the spirit is fast, it will go to the front lines quicker allowing quicker contact, yes it will take damage sooner BUT be harder to deal with if it collides making Haste possible every time making a fast push a fast offensive problem in the game. However, if the spirit is slower, then even though it will stay in the back, it wont die as easily BUT it wont activate as easily yet gives a fast effect if it survives long enough to be applied thus balancing the WHOLE offensive push by making the overall plan slow but the main objective or end result happens fast. I'm not really sure how worth this is.

This idea sounds good in-theory, but a lot has to be changed to prevent this annoying "Heal Spirit-like effect" of getting to every card first and always happening (rather than just being a neat option to have). This change though causes a problem of differentiating it from every other spirit. Maybe it isn't that big of a problem though and should occur, maybe the stats and "slowness" would actually act just as if the spirit had similar stats and the original very fast speed, but it would happen later like expected and wanted avoiding the fast results problem (somewhat similar to a later change for a completely different troop in these changes).

(I don't want to change this next card and wondered if I shouldn't, but it makes sense for the development of the card's concept.)

Miner -

* Travels underground at fast speed when not in melee range instead of walking above ground

* Re-travels underground toward Crown Tower on that side of arena if nothing else is above to target or nearby, until something is above to target or that is in the general direction of the underground path

* Crown Tower damage increased from 48 to 51 damage at tournament standard(Approximately 6.25% increase in damage)

* Hit Points decreased from 1000 to 940 at tournament standard(Approximately 6% decrease in hit points)

*Hit Speed reduced from 1.2 to 1.1 seconds

/- Miner now travels underground when no target is available where he is placed, then travels to a nearest target. If no target is nearby, then depending on the side of the towers, Miner will approach that side's Princess Tower at a direct angle from his position. Miner digs out when target is in front of or above the underground path.

*IMPORTANT: Because Miner re-burrows now when no target is nearby, an animation must be made being either the trail stops then continues after a retarget, or he pops up but then re-burrows to travel to the next target, an animation for him to dig down would also have to be made.)

/- Miner now deals 3 more Crown Tower damage in 0.1 seconds before, meaning Miner can deal 30 more Crown Tower every 10 hits or 11 seconds, rather than before dealing 30 less with-in an extra second or total of 12 seconds.

/- Miner now dies to 5 Musketeer shots opposed to the previous one extra being 6 Musketeer shots.(Miner still takes 6 hits from a Knight to die, but if Miner takes 1 shot from a tournament standard Princess Tower (being 90 damage), then Knight only needs 5 hits to kill Miner opposed to having to wait for a 2nd Princess Tower shot like previous changes.)

(Miner will be more win condition based offensively, but be easier to deal with as well as going back underground when far away from a target or specifically tower, reducing extreme long-term tanking when not on the towers for multiple value plays and still achieving a lot of "chip damage" from support and then himself and spells. The towers and defending cards would have to re-target to the support.

Not being able to tank a lot is a shame for multi-purpose opportunity especially defensive play, but it is obviously why Miner is so good being able to be placed anywhere and be a mini Knight. He should not act like a Knight (especially with more offensive capability) as that is what the Knight is for (and can only be offensive with counter pushes), but there's the possibility that he can be for just a moment, however, now that is only possible if he is targeting something thus staying above ground.)

Baby Dragon -

* Hit Speed reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.6 seconds

/- Baby Dragon's attack speed is now slower by 0.1 seconds.

*This card's speed of Fast and cost of 4 elixir for such a flying troop allows this card to apply pressure, reach farther counter pushes despite being played in the back, which consequently allows you to also secure towers while getting up to the push, all while being able to get exactly 4 elixir back in the time it reaches the river. Slowing down this card's hit speed allows it to keep everything that makes it initially worth playing (shown above), but halts it at its destination forcing it to take time to get its result. This card is a common issue in over oppressively defensive decks like Graveyard, Golem, Balloon variants etc. They can keep their start up speed and security, but reduce how quickly the ending result occurs, allowing opposing plays to keep up/deal with the pressure at least (even allowing other splash cards to compete). Being a flying troop also allows Baby Dragon to be placed in the back and move to the other side of the arena in the exact same column, while ground troops are forced to funnel on the bridge or be wastefully played at the river and then cannot stagger for elixir like Baby Dragon.

Royal Giant -

* Hit Speed reduced from 1.7 seconds to 1.9 seconds

/- Royal Giant's attack speed is now slower by 0.2 seconds.

*Further previously attempted additional thoughts:

Royal Giant being played a lot more aggressively than slower tankier win conditions makes it difficult to balance him. When it was often considered to add deploy time from 1 to 2 seconds, he ends up being too slow and has to be played in the back which takes away from his concept and making it pointless when you can just play the tankier and cheaper Giant who originally fits that tempo and thus play anyway.

Despite aggressively shooting the tower and not being distracted by general targets seems really good, but because Royal Giant has just enough in stats to do that but not to an extreme like with past balance change problems, giving him a deployment time causes him to be dealt with far too quickly. Thus, in this case, he will be able to do his job just the same, HOWEVER, the actual problem was always with how many hits he gets off despite you defending him or how fast he can do such without effort of the player. With modern cycle options allowing decks to be more capable of playing such a tempo, decks like Royal Giant cycle can allow the capability to consistently spam Royal Giant at the bridge in Double or Triple Elixir time, and allow setups in Single Elixir to play 2 Royal Giant's at the bridge or split for one on either side. Therefore, now when defending him, instead of him getting multiple shots off, he will get off just one (or how ever many would be capable balanced-wise depending on what's happening in that game). Often you defend him and he will almost always get one especially concerning initial attack speeds (however, those are made to do that for balance reasons to similarly avoid that issue when given deployment time on such a card).

Due to all of this, this is why this change makes sense for the Royal Giant and no other change as it doesn't ruin his intended concept or playability, and only fixes the unintended over-power he proposes.

Sparky -

* Hit Points increased from 1200 to 1353 at tournament standard(Approximately 12.75% or 13% increase in hit points)

/- Sparky now survives one Rocket (the lowest damage possible to kill Sparky after a Rocket, is 28 or exactly one Heal Spirit jump).

*It is insensible that a flying Balloon at 5 elixir aggressively with additional death value doesn't die to Rocket but a 6 elixir slow grounded Sparky played by the opponents tower dies by a Rocket leading to tower damage and no death value. This change could also entice players to not use Rocket as much including increase Sparky usage and value.

*IF Balloon and Rocket don't get their changes, then I honestly think Sparky shouldn't get a change either as it would negatively impact the viability of Rocket.*

Royal Recruits -

* Deployment Time deducted from 1 second to 2 seconds of time

/- Royal Recruits will now have and show a 2 second deployment time.

*Further previously attempted additional thoughts:

"Royal Recruits played in the back defensively should act as if played in the back and wait a bit to defend the front of your tower, Royal Recruits when played in the front do their job of defending up front, but they shouldn't be instantly offensively getting value and counter pushing. In either case they should wait before progressing. You can stagger elixir playing them in the back and they will be in the front of the towers instead of waiting to play them in front, causing elixir to leak. You can play them at the bridge and instead of waiting like Three Musketeers or Golem, they instantly start passing the bridge or attack anything they are placed by. Despite even the defensive concept of them, they are played in decks that apply high pressure, Fireball-bait Royal Hogs, or Bridge Spam, and Three Musketeer variants. You can use them disregarding defense while still being able to defend and either split 3-3 for pressure, go all out with 4 recruits on a side, or threaten 4 on one side, and make a whole other threatening push on the other side of just 2. For 1 less elixir and more presence, no wonder Golem isn't considered good by players despite that deck's overwhelming ability (heck bridge spam even counters Golem on a fundamental level of punishing, but now it can even make pushes exactly like a Golem deck can, that's a definition of broken being able to fundamentally beat an opposing deck archetype, and then take its place as well with less risk. Shows why their elixir cost has been such a problem from initially as low as 6 elixir, even being considered as 8 as well). With 7 elixir and 3 left over, just a few more seconds for a Flying Machine, Zappies, or Royal Hogs and theres just troops everywhere being defended or at the same time trying to defend Royal Recruits, whom can be on either side at the same time. It's like taking both of your towers and putting them on the opponent's side of the arena. At least give them some time to react especially if other cards like them are forced to wait with their deployment time. This card is solely made for defense, it doesn't make sense for a card to just split into two sets of 3 beefier Guards or Barbarians holding shields on your side, and then add more pressure to that. If you try to use your best counter, you just get punished for trying. You could in-theory attack and defend against a pushing Golem for just 1 elixir less in an instant and on the defending side, that's absurd. You counter a Golem, attack faster than a Golem push can with practically the same amount of threat, and with less risk."

Lava Hound -

* Deployment Time deducted from 1 second to 2 seconds of time

/- Lava Hound will now have and show a 2 second deployment time.

*Further previously attempted additional thoughts:

Lava Hound is as obnoxious but different from Golem, being a cheaper tank win condition for 1 elixir less meaning you have 3 elixir leftover opposed to 2, it flies so you have to play a counter far different than you do for Golem especially with the fact that not only does flying affect position since avoiding being funneled at either bridge, but it's a unit in the air so if you don't have anything to target air, you practically lose, and it has a faster movement speed so it gets to the other side of the arena faster than a Golem can be handled applying pressure, while securing its cost in elixir by the time it gets to the river.

By the time it reaches your tower, combinations of play with things like Balloon, or Flying Machine alone, or Clone spell plays in-general are obnoxious or near impossible to deal with. That's why many decks straight up lose, especially in terms of 3 crown wins by Lava Hound, and it's one of the decks that continues to have the highest win rate in the game despite its usage.

Changing cards like Lava Hound is difficult because of coinciding with other cards and even ruining the uniqueness of Lava hound, however, a deployment time does not remove the main function and does exactly what the change does for cards like Golem and Three Musketeer while keeping the card's functionality the same.

Having that deployment time allows for the opposing player to see a Lava Hound is coming, and be at least 2 seconds into the 2.8 seconds it takes to gain just 1 elixir in single elixir time before that Lava Hound push comes into play. Despite such, you have to wait an extra 0.8 seconds, and regardless, all cards already have a 1 second deploy time meaning only 1 second was actually gained (It may even be that 2 seconds is not enough and Lava Hound should be justified with another extra second making it 3 seconds like Golem).

(This card is reminiscent of Rage and Freeze. It shouldn't be just play a card front or back and expect to plow over the field with ease, let interaction take place, especially when you factor in card availability, card choices in deck or the deck archetype itself, most especially the luck factor in deck order and cycle, and not to forget elixir cost in-general. Competition should be competition, not single player or versus "the house rules"...)


(As a result of the Rage change instead of a Haste Spirit)

*Haste -

* Movement Speed boost percentage is 30%

* Elixir Cost is 2 Elixir

* Radius is 2.5 Tiles

* Duration is 7.5 Seconds

*With the recent Earthquake change, it has shown that the dev team was willing to release to the community an Earthquake nerf earlier than the full official changes release (showing it must be a prevalent problem even by their view). Earthquake seems to have been given a separate Crown Tower damage from it's building and troop damage that is nerfed in comparison to it's previous building damage, however, they also gave building damage itself a BUFF, which player's did not like and responded stating so. Despite all of this, I decided to still portray my change for comparison (Originally, I was going to state I didn't think the dev team would actually, at least openly, state a change to Earthquake unless it would be to do what I put just below, but because of such I was unsure to even add a change despite knowing how players thought about this card's impact as a negative (regardless the reality of it actually having a negative impact on the game).

Earthquake -

* Crown Tower damage will do 63 damage per tick (189 Crown Tower damage in total of 3 seconds) at tournament standard(Approximately 7.35% or 7% decrease in damage)

(Apparently every spell's Crown Tower damage is around 1/3 (a third) or 30% of their actual damage, so that's how this change was decided. Vice versa the regular damage is usually anywhere from around 3.20 to 3.35 times the Crown Tower damage.)

/- Earthquake now has Crown Tower damage that will be 63 damage per second, or 189 damage in total of 3 seconds.

*The recent change has Earthquake's Crown Tower damage 15% lower of the previous 204 building damage, equating to approximately 173 or 174 instead of 189 Crown Tower damage. Maybe then it would be preferred to further decrease the damage, but the community has stated to dislike the 16% increase in building damage from 204 (to approximately 236 or 237), so it would therefore be without such. In this case, my Earthquake change would either be what I have or what the dev team has recently proposed BUT without the building damage buff (in either option).

The only problem with this is I may have to change all my later spell Crown Tower damage changes.

Fireball -

* Crown Tower damage decreased from 172 to 168 at tournament standard(Approximately 4% decrease in damage)

/- Fireball now does less Crown Tower damage and thus requires an additional one more Fireball from a total of 15 to 16 Fireballs to destroy an equal level Princess Tower if only Fireball is used.

Freeze -

* Duration of spell increased from 4 to 5 seconds

* Freezes from center of radius to edge of radius instead of instantly freezing the affected area of range (damage dealt occurs at the same time as the freezing occurs instead of instantly dealing damage to anything in the affected area of range)

* Freeze stats show Freezing Distance and Freezing Time

* Freezing Distance is 0.5 tiles

* Freezing Time is 0.5 seconds

/- Freeze now freezes and damages in a motion from the center of its radius to the edge of its radius, rather than instantly happening. Freeze also lasts an additional one second being now 5 seconds, from the previous duration of 4 seconds.

/- Freezing occurs over 0.5 tiles every 0.50 seconds. With this freezing effect, 1 tile per 1 second is froze causing the area affected to be fully frozen after 3 seconds, allowing the remaining the 2 seconds to occur with fully frozen.

(Freeze is similar to Rage as a win button being overkill and that it is also meant to be for destroying base defenses in Clash of Clans, not prevent your opponent from responding in an interactive player vs player objective proposed game. Now it can keep its lasting freeze stun but at a cost of having the freeze take longer to reach the whole area, allowing more damage from the edge to be taken but resulting more offensive damage possibly allowed.)

Poison -

* Crown Tower damage is decreased from 23 to 22 per tick (decreased from 184 to 176 Crown Tower damage in total of 8 seconds) at tournament standard(Approximately 4.35% or 4% increase in damage)

/- Poison now does less Crown Tower damage and thus requires an additional one more Poison spell from a total of 14 to 15 of Poison spells to a destroy an equal level Princess Tower if only Poison is used.



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