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redditAh, the good ol' days. Days that we'll never get back....

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Remember how back in the day, there was only ladder, 2v2 and grindy, unrewarding challenges, and no trade tokens, and you only got like a thousand gold from challenges which would go to playing battles, and epics were rarer than legendaries now and you got legendaries only every three months or so? It's a shame the devs decided to become greedy and started doing terrible stuff to the game like making battles priceless, and giving 20k gold and legendaries in easy challenges, and giving us 6 legendaries a month, and also they even replaced the OG Super Magical Chest with a Mega Lightning Chest which outclasses the OG chest in every way, and they brought Party modes with diverse fun game modes and trade tokens so now people are getting level 13 decks without actual effort!!!!! Wayyy too P2W right? Good ol' days that we'll never get back, I wish SC could just revert to the golden F2P era in 2016, but of course they're so determined to get money out of the game so they won't do that 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬!

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