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About 2v2 matchmaking...

It's really not fair. You get matched up with a 2v2 teammate who is the same trophy level as you, and same with your opponents. However, the issue is that the trophy level isn't equal between your team and the opponent's team. For example, right now I'm at 6.6k, and I get a 6.6k teammate. The problem is I'm going up against two teammates from 5k??? This is consistent, too. What would be more fair is one 6.6k teammate and one 5k teammate vs a 6.6k teammate and 5k teammate. Because right now it's a completely flawed system.

I realize it says 0 trophies under my name and \"teetlebug\"'s name, but teetlebug is currently at 5k and I'm at 6.6k for reference

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