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redditIs Ladder Reset A Good Thing?

Soul Crusher

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I think the idea behind ladder reset is that it keeps people playing 1v1 for the prizes and keeps 1v1 matchmaking fast for top players who climb high and find fewer opponents. But this just ends up frustrating mid-ladder players, who are getting severely outmatched early and mid season. Is there another way to encourage 1v1 participation and keep matchmaking fast for high ladder players? Would it be unreasonable to let people climb as high as their cards and ability allow without any reset, increase the matchmaking range progressively as a player climbs to keep matchmaking fast, and perhaps encourage 1v1 participation by increasing victory gold for 1v1 matches, then increasing the number of cards found in chests to offset the loss of card prizes from ladder resets (and maybe decrease the amount of gold found in chests to offset the increase in 1v1 victory gold)? Or are the current ladder resets more practical? What do you think?

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