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redditA summary of today´s CRL controverses

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So many people don´t know that the first stage of the Clash Royale League monthly qualifiers happened today, since there was no official stream and most games were just broadcasted by streamers watching over their friendlists, also most of this sub don´t know much about the esports scene in general, so I wanted to give a summary of what happened today:

First of all, I need to explain that the CRL changed it´s format for 2021, it is now no longer team based, and you have to actually qualify for it. The players who finished Top 1000 at the end of the season will qualify for the next stage, which took place today. The second stage is consisting of 4 brackets, which are played in a swiss format (You always play against a player that has the same amount of wins as you). The Top 8 of each bracket will move on to the next stage (and also earn 1000 Dollars for sure). Each match is a Duels Best of 3, the same format also used in CW2.

The first and second bracket went rather smooth, at the third bracket there were some things that didn´t go that well tho:

- In the Bo3 between BlackPearl and Reichert, BlackPearl played Mega Minion twice and went on to win the series, something that actually happened quite often today but most of the time led to a free win. The issue here was that Reichert reached out to the admins about that but got ignored for 20 minutes. BlackPearl just got the win and the bracket continued. At the end of the tournament both players ended up in the Top 8, however for BlackPearl this win was crucial, as he wouldn´t have made it otherwise.

- In the Bo3 between Emir Uzumaki and Hugo CR V2, Emir played Log twice and Hugo played Hunter twice, however Hugo reported it to the admins and got the freewin, instead of having a rematch because both players used a card twice. Emir contacted the admins about this issue and got the response, that he should´ve reported it as well and they won´t remake the match. (https://twitter.com/EmirUzumaki/status/1360716891468218375) Later on they changed their opinion on that and gave a rematch, which Emir won, kicking Hugo out of the Top 8. Emir didn´t make it into the Top 8 tho.

- The bracket featured a weird tiebreaker system: What counted after the amount of wins was not the winrate or a direct comparison but rather the opponent winrate (which is the combined winrate of every player you faced). This led to players like xopxsam, who raged about it on twitter (https://twitter.com/xopxsam_/status/1360702419320119296), not making it into the Top 8, despite having one of the best winrates in the bracket.

- The other issue with the OW-tiebreaker was that Morten faced bigbag in round 2, who forfeited the tournament, thus having a terrible OW, because one of his opponents had a literal winrate of 11%. Morten ended up finishind 9th after the Emir/Hugo rematch. So Morten, one of the best players in the history of the game didn´t make it to the next round because of pure bad luck.

Another thing that made everything more unfair is how the 4 brackets were split up: The first bracket started at 8 am GMT and featured 108 players, while the fourth bracket started at 8 pm GMT and featured 199 players. So anyone playing in the fourth bracket had a natural disadvantage, due to having more good players in their bracket that the guys playing in the first bracket. That means if you played at an unorthodox time you had a better shot at making it to the next stage.

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