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redditCard Balance Changes - Effort attempt to highlight and explain the need to buff or nerf certain cards, and a suggestion on what changes cards can receive.

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There will be two groups in this list, I will be using statistics from royaleapi.com/cards, community feedback, and personal anecdotes. Of course, people can disagree but the general explanation hopefully helps to sway people's minds and hearts. Without further ado, let's get right into it.


Cards that need a direct nerf, or a rework that amounts to overall nerf, immediately.

Cards that fall under this tier are really strong and dominate the meta. These cards have a clear consistent win-rate that falls above 50% with a relatively high win rate.

1.) Hunter - shoot one less bullet

Hunter has just been really strong for quite some seasons now. It's uniqueness and versatility to act both as a tank killer AND deal splash damage is something that no other card can aspire to be. Usually, cards are only either one or the other; the tank killer Mini Pekka is weak against swarms, while the splash dealer Baby Dragon is weak against tanks.

On top of that, unlike some tank killers, it can also target air. My suggestion is to make Hunter shoot one less bullet. This will also fix an inconsistency with the Hunter shooting asymmetrically. I will credit Mew_Pur_Pur for documenting said bug and for suggesting this before me.

2.) Miner - add "burrow time"

This card is versatile. It's usually not toxic, however, there are games in which that Miner gets chip damage that feels too much for what it's worth and those games do become toxic.

To the Miner lover CW2 bad F2P players out there who are about to type, "IT'S VERSATILE, THAT'S WHY IT'S POPULAR!" This misses the point that the versatility of a card is taken into account when judging whether or not to nerf it. At 25% usage rate, you'd expect that a card will have roughly 50% win rate, at most 52% if you really want to push it (for perspective, the average use rate of each card should be 5-6%), and yet, Miner has a 55% win rate, which is why I deem it requiring immediate nerf.

Stealing Mew_Pur_Pur's idea again, the Miner can get a "burrow time" to give the other player a chance to predict where a Miner can spawn. Supercell can also just give the Miner a good old health nerf.

3.) Lavahound - less hitpoints (5-15%)

The strength of this card can mostly be explained by a lack of anti-air counters in the meta, as the community points out. However, that can't be the only reason because Balloon, another air-type win-condition, only has a 52% win rate, while this momma has 58%. Clearly, there's something else that affects it, and the answer to that is it's health. The card is a flying troop, meaning that it bypasses usual building placement and have less troops that can attack it, and yet, it's health allows it to stay too long in the arena. A small to moderate health nerf can do the trick in balancing this card.

4.) Cannon Cart - cannon lifetime nerf by 5 or 10 seconds

This is another card that is clearly too strong. An 8% use rate is average, but this card has an even higher win rate than the Miner, standing at 58%, similar to that of the Lavahound. The card's visible toxicity comes from the fact that it stays too long in the arena as a stationary cannon, rendering a huge area unavailable and unsafe for troops. Reducing it's lifetime during its second phase by 5 or 10 seconds would reduce its deterrence ability to normal and should balance the card.

5.) Fisherman - bug fix and removing slow effect on both movement and attack speed

This card is a really strong support troop. It can counter almost any ground tanky win-condition by pulling them in the center and slowing their movement and attack speed, and remain in the arena to counter-attack, making it better than Tornado in most cases. On top of this, the card stops a dashing troop and doesn't get pulled by Tornado while winding (preparing for attack). Fixing the bugs and removing its slowing ability might balance this card.

6.) Skeleton Dragons - damage nerf by 5-10%.

Pretty straightforward; they deal too much damage. Nerf their damage and they will be balanced.

7.) Electro Spirit - chain lightning 9 --> 7

Ice Spirit and Fire Spirit's splash just doesn't seem to get as much troops as the number of chain lightning this one does, which is why a simple chain lightning reaction nerf to 7 or 6 should work.

8.) Goblin Cage - cage hitpoints nerf by 10-15%

It is useful to think of this card as a 4 elixir mini-tank, like the Mini Pekka, Lumberjack, or Valkery. The problem from this card comes from its ability to be deployed passively, as other non-spawner buildings have to be played reactively. If you combine the health of the building and the health of the Brawler, you'll find that it's way more than the health of any of the three other mini-tanks mentioned. The health of the building must be reduced to put this card in a balanced spot.

9.) Wall Breakers - damage nerf by 10-20%

For two-elixir, these bones deal too much damage. Reduce their damage to make them somewhat ignorable because their niche as the cheapest win condition is healthy and should remain untouched.

10.) Royal Giant - hitpoints nerf by 4-8% or damage nerf by ~5%

This big guy is beefy and is almost always guaranteed to get a hit (or more) on your crown tower. Either nerf its damage to make it more bearable or nerf its health to make it easier to kill to balance. Note that this card is at 54% win rate, and might only need a little nerf as overdoing it can kill the card.

11,) Earthquake - crown tower damage from 100% --> 90%

This card is too strong for spell cycling. Spell cycling isn't supposed to win you games right from the beginning, but rather as a tool to be used whenever the crown tower is already low. Reduce the damage it deal to crown towers should make this balanced.

12.) Balloon - damage nerf, hit speed buff

Yep, even as a Balloon user who uses Balloon, this one cuts the list. It's simply too "all-or-nothing" given it's slow attack speed and high initial hit speed. It's similar to Sparky back when she still took 5 seconds to charge up a then stronger blast. Unlike Sparky, however, the anti-air cards in this meta aren't that strong, which is fine for the separation of the air and the ground, but that leaves the Balloon really strong in this meta. Similar to Sparky, reducing its attack speed and nerfing its damage should balance this card.

13.) Barbarian Barrel - adding deployment time for the barbarian

Last but not the least, we have the Barbarian Barrel coming up among the rank of cards that needs a nerf. Simply, it's too versatile, which on top of that, is also popular (kind of like the Miner, the other card, that, you know, needs a NERF, for being too versatile, and too popular). Adding a deployment time for Barbarian should make it harder to use when reacting to bridge attacks that have Princess, Dart Goblin, or Rascal Girls behind, and make Log a viable alternative again.


Cards that need a direct buff, or a rework that amounts to overall buff, immediately.

As the heading suggests, these cards are those that are undeniably weak, usually not just in the current meta but on their own.

1.) Cannon - attack speed buff

The card is in a bad spot as it's a really delicate glass cannon that cannot counter-attack and can't even attack air. However, as a cycle card, maybe these features should be kept because it's what gives the card its philosophy. Going with Mew_Pur_Pur's idea again, this card needs a reduction to initial attack speed to be consistent with the Cannon Cart.

2.) Heal Spirit - healing radius increased by 0.5

This spirit is not a combative one, which is true. However, it is a healing one, and its small range makes it miss ranged troops behind a push. Increasing its healing range while keeping all the other stats the same might balance this card.

3.) Ice Spirit - freeze duration +0.5 seconds or change mechanic to slow for 2.5 seconds

With the addition of Electro Spirit, the splash damage and "reset" from this spirit has never been the same. I have two ideas on how to buff this card; the first one is to increase its freezing duration by 0.5 seconds. This will rival Electro Spirit's "stun" which resets for a while whereas this card will have a relatively long freeze for cards.

The second one is to rework the mechanic of the card from "freeze" for 1.0 second to "slow" for 2.5 seconds. Think of it this way: Zap is to Snowball, as Electro Wizard is to Ice Spirit, as Electro Spirit is to Ice Spirit. Standardization, yay! Personally, this is something that I would like to see more whenever I use Logbait or X-Bow.

4.) Minion Horde - add one minion unit

The lack of anti-air counters in the meta doesn't seem to trickle down to the Minion Horde, as there are more spells now than there were four years ago. Snowball, Royal Delivery, and the Arrows rework are bad news for these guys. However, its cousin "Minion" three-elixir card seem to be doing well in Lavaloon and Bridgespam decks, which is why I don't believe that a buff in individual Minion's stat is the way to go for buffing this.

This card is loved by mid-ladder community, for its ability to be over-levelled as common and its ability to counter almost anything that doesn't deal splash damage. Why not, buff what makes it good, which is its niche as an air swarm? By adding another minion unit, this card will eat tanks faster and make them last a little bit longer against splash attackers. My suggested deployment is to put it in the center and make the minions spawn in a hexagonal shape, surrounding their leader minion.

5.) Skeleton Army - add two/three skeletons

This card is just too weak in a meta full of ground counters. Splash units and deployment time makes it so that half the skeletons are already dead before they even start swinging. Adding two or three might be necessary to bring it back from obscurity outside of bait decks.

6.) Guards - damage buff 5%

This card is something that can be unanimously decided as weak and needing of a buff, even among mid-ladders who think Witch and Wizard is great. I don't believe that they're far from viability so a small damage buff can do the trick here.


I will end this post abruptly here, as I haven't decided of a good balance ideas for the other cards and I have been writing this for some time now. I hope that my suggestions and explanations have changed a heart or two and that this post doesn't die in "New". Thank you.

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