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redditHas anyone noticed their emotes not being visible to the players while spectating?

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Most of the time I'm spectating games rather than playing myself. Recently I noticed that my clan mates who I usually spectate have stopped responding to my cheering emotes. It is fairly easy to notice since they usually respond with something at least once.

At first I assumed that this emote exchange got old for them, but later I saw a replay where almost none of my emotes were recorded. I asked clan mates directly, and multiple people confirmed that my emotes aren't visible during the battle or only few of them were visible.

A bit frustrated I made a support ticket to find out if there is a ban of some sort or a server-side limitation that prevents people to use emotes too often (besides the one when emotes get grayed out to prevent some nasty spam).

The response was fairly weird: I was instructed to reinstall the game, close background apps, and some other things of the similar kind which I followed, but already forgot what exactly they were. I was also assured that doing these things WILL CERTAINLY HELP to prevent the issue in the future (I sure do like me a confident support!).

The ticket got closed, and one of my clan mates reported that emotes are visible again. But later I noticed that he was the only one who sees them. And after some time even he stopped to see them. Checked the replay, only one post-match emote was visible.

Opening another ticket didn't help. I got a generic response stating that they can't help me with this matter any more. The ticket got closed without further commentaries despite me trying to get at least some details.

Has anyone encountered this issue, and are there ways to overcome it? I'm rather saddened because spectating and reacting with emotes was one of my not-so-many ways to hang out.

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