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Mid level ladder is slightly rigged.

The MMR decides based off win streaks, win conditions, spell types, card levels, trophy gates, chest drops, past matchup win rates but mainly your Trophy count. This is where it gets it's pool of players. From people + or - 30 trophies from your current level. It would be most rigged in the trophy levels with the most players. 4000-6000 trophies.

I’d be willing to bet they have a profile on each account showing spending habits like when you typically close the app, times you've made purchases, POSSIBLY what other apps you open while CR is open in the background. It sounds a little conspiracy theory, which I hate, but you have games like CoD that will admit it. I personally think it's a good thing. It helps the game squeeze money for updates and development. (too bad the CR team can't do that in a timely manner but that's a different topic)

Sometimes it helps you, sometimes it doesn’t, but from a business stand point you never let it be random. You want to have a little control over when people win or lose because you can get people to play more which leads to a higher chance they spend more. The company would be stupid not to.

People need to understand these free games run off casino business models and the house always wins. It would be impossible to prove without a doubt without actually running their MMR program in a controlled setting. Unfortunately, it can always be written off as "bad luck" or "good luck". Other companies have admitted they do it. Why would supercell just skip that part?

It would make sense that it gets less and less rigged as you climb in trophies because they have a smaller pool to grab players from. But a 3rd party like Stats Royale can show you the percentage of YOUR win rates against certain cards when you run certain decks. If a 3rd party can do it, you best believe the developers are doing it. They know what you win and lose against and they give you a win if that shows you more likely to SPEND. They make you lose when they want you frustrated. You got to push above at least 6k to get out of it. Or just play challenges. CW2 has an even more convoluted algorithm.

This is normally a good thing, as it keeps everyone at the frustration levels they can handle and it helps the game we love grow. It's a bad thing with CR because they are purely using it for money, and they are not dumping anymore money back into the development of the game. The money from this game is going towards developing other games that they can turn into a casino based model. Take the information for what you will, the game is still the game, just know that the Tilt is real, and not fully in your control.

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