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reddit5 months later, how is this game doing?

Soul Crusher

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So I used to really love this game. I started playing in 2017 and I used to play it every day. I never really spend anything more than the battle pass but I had a really fun time with the game. Then there was an update drought and I stopped playing as much. Each month had the cheap season and tower skins that didn’t do anything and bad balance changes that also didn’t really do anything. I started playing less and I also stopped buying the battle pass which caused me to play even less. The only reason why I was even remotely interested in the game was because they were hyping up a new update that was supposed to be really big. It kept getting delayed which raised expectations and kept me interested in the game. Then the update finally came and we all know what happened. I quit the game shortly after that disaster and I’ve distanced myself from this game ever since with no thought about coming back. So how has this game been doing ever since I left?

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