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redditI use my limited understanding of Science to figure out the realistic implications of cards. Part 4: Barbarian Bowl

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Clash Royale is a cartoony, unrealistic fast-paced battle game where huge, bearded guys holding little cannons do battle against a group of new hires who can't even see. It's not realistic in the slightest, and I aim to remedy that. I'm no scientist, but I'm armed with Bill Nye, Wikipedia, and a Google search which confirms that nobody's done something like this before. All that said, let's get started.

Before we start, a wild boar averages about 150 centimetres in length at adulthood. The Hog Rider has a length of about 2 tiles in game, meaning each tile is 75 centimetres in length and width.

Barbarians: It's shocking that they don't kill most enemies right away, being that strong and having swords.

Cannon: A real cannon would fire cannonballs at speeds of at least 360 kilometres per hour, going straight through any troop or building, right through the arena walls, and then for a few hundred more metres outside the battle. The Cannon only fires at speeds of 170 kph. That, however, is still certainly fast enough to brutally kill several people at once.

Barbarian Hut: The Barbarian Hut can spawn up to 10 Barbarians. It should not be able to do this. It should also catch fire fairly easily, while in-game it can resist the Fireball.

Battle Ram: It's simply illogical that Barbarians run significantly faster while holding a heavy log. Calculations show that an alder redwood log of Ram's dimensions would weigh 1191 pounds, or 540.2 kg. That's much, much, heavier than any normal person's maximum lift, but feasible for two Barbarians. However, the point still stands that they shouldn't be able to run at all, let alone run faster than usual.

Barbarian Barrel: According to the Barbarian Barrel reveal trailer, the Barbarian is absolutely stuck in the barrel and should not be able to pop out of it. On that note, the Barbarian Barrel often plows through several troops. It would realistically stop after hitting one or two. The Barbarian inside would experience a sensation similar to a car accident and is likely to break bones, possibly including the spine.

Golem: There's nothing holding all the rocks together. When deployed, the Golem would realistically fall apart instantly. Also, since someone asked, the Golem moves at about 1 tile per second. That's 2.7 kilometres per hour, or about a slow strolling speed.

Well, that's it for this post. As always, feel free to correct anything here if you have better information.

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