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redditI use my limited understanding of Science to figure out the realistic implications of cards. Part 3: Bone Pit

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Clash Royale is a cartoony, unrealistic fast-paced battle game where massive magnifying glasses from hell do battle against pancake-making robot dwarf samurai. It's not realistic in the slightest, and I aim to remedy that. I'm no scientist, but I'm armed with Bill Nye, Wikipedia, and a Google search which confirms that nobody's done something like this before. All that said, let's get started.

Before we start, a wild boar averages about 150 centimetres in length at adulthood. The Hog Rider has a length of about 2 tiles in game, meaning each tile is 75 centimetres in length and width.

Skeletons: A cursory visual inspection reveals an utter lack of muscles. The Skeletons would just sit in a useless pile on the floor rather than actually do anything.

Bomber: The Bomber's bombs are quite generic, but research shows that grenades, one of the smallest bombs, have a kill radius (instant death) of 5 metres. The Bomber has a range of 3.75 metres. The Bomber is guaranteed to die after its first bomb goes off regardless of what kind of bomb it's using. That doesn't make it useless, though. It does one-shot kill everything in a nearly 7 tile radius, and does heavy damage throughout the arena.

Tombstone: Nothing's coming out of the Tombstone. That's the whole idea. Things aren't supposed to leave their graves.

Valkyrie: Battle axes are indeed quite lightweight, maxing out at about 7 pounds (3 kg). It doesn't take an Olympic champion to swing that around. In fact, hammer throwers do a similar trick using a much heavier weight. The problem here is that the Valkyrie can swing through an entire Skeleton Army at once. The thing is, the axe would simply get stuck in the first troop/building it hits. Realistically, a battle axe would be used more akin to the Lumberjack's method: Quick, repeated hacking at a single target.

Wall Breakers: A suicide bomb generally kills everything in a 5-metre radius, or 6.67 tiles. The Princess dies if a Wall Breaker connects to the tower, as does basically everything in that quadrant of the arena. A suicide bomb of that size should come with a serious injury area of about 30 metres, or 40 tiles. That encompasses the entire arena, as the arena's diagonal length, according to the Pythagorean theorem, is 36.7 tiles. Fortunately for everyone, the Wall Breakers are skeletons and thus cannot move.

Giant Skeleton: The Giant Skeleton's explosives are comparable to two Wall Breakers. The Giant Skeleton, also, cannot move. That is fortunate, because if he were to use those bombs, everyone in the arena would most likely end up dead.

That's the end of this part. I apologize for accidentally switching the places of Skeleton Army and Wall Breakers. This may happen sometimes, I sometimes forget which arenas certain cards come from.

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