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redditIs Cw2 going to be changed?

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My clan is in the Top100 local and I feel like the way very active clans win can't be intended. Not because I don't like to play on a higher level but because it's not about winning anymore. Basically we are at 35-40k on Monday and on Tuesday we basically get 10k in the first hour after the reset and it's usually a win because of that. Everyone looses their fights as fast as possible and that's the best strategy, other top clans do the same to be on rank 1. That's a huge stress though and lots of people have to play while at work since 11am is Reset in Germany. So why is Cw2 like that? Monday is basically the only day fights are being done legit, Tuesday is Stress since it's no fun to have to play at a specific time and the rest of the week nothing happens.

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