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redditI use my limited understanding of Science to figure out the realistic implications of cards. Part 2: Goblin Stadium

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Clash Royale is a cartoony, unrealistic fast-paced battle game where big purple monsters bowling massive rocks do battle against trolleys that have cannons glued to them. It's not realistic in the slightest, and I aim to remedy that. I'm no scientist, but I'm armed with Bill Nye, Wikipedia, and a Google search which confirms that nobody's done something like this before. All that said, let's get started.

Before we start, a wild boar averages about 150 centimetres in length at adulthood. The Hog Rider has a length of about 2 tiles in game, meaning each tile is 75 centimetres in length and width.

Goblins: They run at 225 centimetres per second, or 8.1 kilometres per hour. That's under jogging speed.

Spear Goblins: They share a running speed with regular Goblins, and they throw their spears 5 tiles in 30 frames. This means that the spears move at 27 kph. Elite javelin throwers can propel spears at speeds of 113 kph. The Spear Goblins throw spears at unbelievably slow speeds, which justifies their unrealistically short range.

Hog Rider: The measurement tool used in all the calculations, the Hog Rider's hog runs 2 tiles in 20 frames, or 16.2 kph. That's super slow.

Goblin Hut: Simple measurements show that that amount of Spear Goblins (11) cannot possibly fit inside the Hut.

Goblin Barrel: I don't even need to do any calculations to guarantee that all the goblins are dead on impact. Also, it's crazy that the barrel does no landing damage. I do know that it used to and it was removed for balancing, but it, realistically speaking, should do landing damage. It takes 2 seconds to travel about 15 metres, meaning it moves at 27 kph. That's basically a fast person's sprinting speed. There's no way it's reaching the opponent's tower.

Hunter: Shotgun slugs generally have a muzzle velocity in excess of 1700 kph. The Hunter's bullets should be invisible, let alone travel slow enough to catch. Also, the Hunter's bullets are nearly as big as those of the Musketeer. They would not fit in the gun. And even a regular shotgun slug would fatally pierce a human, let alone ten massive spheres. I'm not even going to talk about the unrealistic bullet spread.

Again, feel free to make corrections. I would be glad to learn more about this.

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