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the first thing that made me come here to write this was I quit a battle because I found it annoying since it was all defense. I remembered years ago hearing that Supercell wanted to make aClash a game that emphasized offense over tower defense or something to that effect. And as I quit my match out of boredom, I thought, “SC failed their goal of not being about defense.” The deck in question is the gob cage/ice wiz gy deck. Which imo only has two offensive cards... GY and poison spell. The other 6 cards are all defense oriented. Imo so many metas now (1) are mostly defense and (2) offensive cards that don’t have to fight their way to towers. More on this later as I think this is its own thing.

When I think about why so many hated xbow decks... xbow decks entire deck could do defense and then spell cycle to victory. In fact, recently people have had success with decks that mostly or entirely rely on cheap defense and spell cycling. In fact, at least in mid ladder, I’ve seen some dexks where players have success with multiple defensvie buildings... the towers are always protected by one building or another. Just saying the nition that Clash is a game more focused on offense then defense... for so many decks it’s certainly far from true. Quite the opposite.

Offensive metas- to elaborate on the above... I think the metas have changed so much largely because of defense. There are so many buildings now that are pretty effective that the meta is so much centered around cards that bypass the obstacles. Look at bait decks that are thriving... no need to fight to tower. Look at GY, months on end as a top win con.., magically appears at tower. For years on end Miner has been top card... travels underground to tower and supports any of a myriad of cheap spam. The highest rated tank at the moment is the RG which doesn’t have to actually make it to the tower. Compare this to the lowly giant... its use rates are almost 1/5 of the RG.

Xbow and mortar more now then ever... doesn’t even have to cross bridge and rely on strong defense decks.

The other cards that thrive do so imo because of RPS benefactors. As I’ve written about elsewhere, lava decks (and balloon decks) thrive imo because so much of the game is oriented towards ground troops. The avg deck has an avg of .5 air cards. The average lava deck has almost 4 air cards. This imo is why lava has been overperforming for a long time.

Last thoughts... rps. The lava decks are benefactors of RPS. I think the new elektro giant is a card almost designed to rely on RPS. If an opponent doesn’t have long distance High DPS card..l they probably have an easy win. If the opponent has a building and distance attacks, they lose. Imo this is bad design. I have used the card and steamrolled players and had other opponents where it was an auto lose for me. I feel the same about a lot if cards: healer edragon combo, sparky, etc. certain cards are either useless or op depending on opponents deck.

Just wanted to jot these thoughts down and share. Might be a little rough.

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