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redditDevs.. Please do something (rant)

Soul Crusher

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This post is regarding the matchmaking system (mostly) I believe this needs serious attention. I’m only a level 9 yet I find myself paired with someone who is 1-4 levels higher than me at my current trophy level. I am seriously out matched. I just recently hit 4000 trophies (which I know changes the experience entirely) but all across the board I am at a disadvantage. I try my best to compete but there is hardly any contest and I am fighting a losing battle. I rarely ever win when this happens. It’s not fun. It’s a grind fest and all I want are crowns for the battle pass so I can grow. I wish I didn’t have to get rid of trophies by throwing games to be paired with players who I can have a decent fight with. I don’t enjoy doing that. This is suppose to be a fun challenging game.

Here’s a possibly solution. With clash of clans if you’re a lower lvl Town Hall you can skip over bases who are higher lvls than you or you can take a risk and get a more significant reward for your attempt. With this if I win against a lvl 12 nothing big happens. I don’t get anything extra. I feel slightly accomplished for beating a lvl 12 or 13 but it’s becoming a feeling that I don’t care for as the frustration out ways any enjoyment. The possible solution? Extra rewards, better chests, more crowns, more gold... something extra for a win. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO IF I HAVE TO PUT UP A FIGHT AGAINST SOMEONE STRONGER. Or else why should I fight a un even playing field? Why should I not just throw that game and hope to find someone who matches my level next time.. I’m already in the game, I’m already fighting one person... GIVE ME SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR!

I love this game, I put money into this game, I play it all the time... but I am not having fun anymore.

Long story short, I like this game. I want to continue to keep playing this game. In its current state, I don’t see that happening much longer. I am tired of this grind, I don’t feel motivated to play. The drive to play is dying....

To the others on this sub, what are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

P.S mega knight is OP....change my mind.

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