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redditAn in-depth review of why Elixir Golem & Battle Healer is so strong, and ways to counter it.

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Egolem and Battle Healer has an amazing synergy. It is an extremely deadly card combination, and can NOT be ignored.

To first understand why their synergy is so strong, lets first discuss both cards' weaknesses.

Elixir Golem's Weaknesses:

  • Splitting into Golemites/Blobs (multiplying spell damage effectiveness)
  • Causes you to be down elixir if countered effectively
  • Low health for each phase (golem,golemite,blob)

Now that we know the Elixir Golem's weaknesses, lets discuss the Battle Healer's weaknesses.

  • Slow movement speed
  • Very low damage (rascal boy/royal recruit)

Now that we know both cards weaknesses, lets discuss their strengths.

Battle Healer's Strengths:

  • Heals multiple units
  • Can heal herself
  • Has a large amount of health

Elixir Golem's Strengths:

  • It costs only 3 elixir when deployed
  • It has as much cumulative health as a Golem
  • Heavy hitters such as Pekka take more hits to completely kill it

Now that we know both cards strengths, lets discuss why their synergy is so strong.

Battle healer heals multiple units. The elixir golem becomes multiple units, causing more total healing.

Similar to the Skeleton Barrel and Lava Hound, when the Elixir Golem in it's Golem phase splits, the

tower locks on to the battle healer. The battle healer has as much health as a Knight, so Elixir Golem &

Battle Healer combination is similar to a Lava hound & Knight combination, which also has very good


Now, lets discuss how to defend the Elixir Golem & Battle Healer.

Firstly, you MUST separate the Battle Healer from the Elixir Golem. A minitank such as a Knight will

work great. Block the battle healer at the bridge while the Elixir Golem will walk forward, out of range

of the Battle Healer's healing radius. Then, with a defensive building, pull the elixir golem away from

the tower. Finally, DPS the Elixir Golem down with a small swarm such as Bats, Skeletons, Guards, or

Skeleton Army. You can also use a small spell such as The Log or Arrows to finish the blobs off.

The Battle Healer's extremely low DPS means it will be stuck on the Knight at the bridge for quite a

long time. The Elixir Golem should be dead by now, and you have 4 more elixir to defend the lone

battle healer, which will not be necessary. You can easily defend a lone battle healer.

Voilá! The Elixir Golem push is now completely taken care of!

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