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Seriously is this game wasn’t pay to win I would probably already be 7000-8000 trophies, I regularly beat lvl 13 all maxed players and I’m only level 9 my highest level card is level 10 and I only have one of them. If I had all maxed out cards and level 13 towers I would most likely be the greatest of all time. Anyone who challenges me I beat. I made my account around 6 weeks ago and I reached 5000 trophies in no time without spending a dime. I didn’t lose a game from 0-3000 trophies I only lost my first game against a lvl 13 when I was level 7 only because his tower had more HP than mine. Anyway once I get level 13 cards etc is it worth going professional? What do you guys think? If you have any questions on strategy and how I build my decks feel free to ask me

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