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redditTried to explain why some cards are used a lot in midladder and some not. So hope y'all learn something from this.

Soul Crusher

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Top 5 most used cards explained

Mega knight- Mega knight is a card that is very easy to counter. But on paper, its actually pretty threatening.

It has high health, decent damage, splash, and it jumps, so it's pretty threatening. And it can help in defense. Again the splash damage, and the fact that it's spawn damage does almost the damage of a Fireball. Plus swarms are rampant there so it helps with that too.

Wizard- Ah wizard. You're so bad, yet so loved. Here's mostly the reasons why it's used more in midladder: High damage and splash. Nothing else really. Yeah musky is cheaper, but it doesn't offer splash, so it's harder to use.

Wizard can help in defending and supporting a push, getting rid of swarms that try to kill your push. But other than that, yeah not much else.

Valkery- It's basically a tankier knight that does slightly more damage and does splash.

Helpful in defending the swarms that are there, and since it's tankier, it can help more against mega knight, pekka, and other stuff. But that's really it. Downside is that it's more expensive.

Skeleton army- This one is used in giant graveyard, which was a meta deck, but it's still used a lot in midladder.

On paper its amazing. Very high dps, fairly cheap, and technically counter anything in the game. Only things it can't counter is egiant and any air targeter that is in the air.

But the reason why it's not used a lot higher up because it dies to any spell. Zap, log, Barb Barrel, snowball, you name it.

Ebarbs- The famous ebarbs. This one should be obvious. Fast, very high damage, and with rage is hard to stop. Not really but if you don't know how to deal with them, you'll have a though time.

Top 5 least used cards explained:

Skeletons- Now skeletons are amazing. Very versatile and very cheap. But the reason why they aren't used as much is because, they ain't very appealing. I meant which one would you rather have? A 1 elixer card that summons 3 units that only have like 67 health that dont do much damage, or 7 elixer card that kills princess in one shot and jumps and can kill the princess tower easily?

Also the fact that they are very hard to use. You might not think of it, but if you use them wrong, you won't get anything out of it.

Ice golem: This one might not seem obvious, but it's actually pretty simple.

It doesn't attack anything, and when it does, it barely does any damage, and it's death nova only really slows. And it only kills Skeletons and bats without any assistance.

Now of course, ice golem is actually very good. Can kite things easily, can help kills minions, and tank alot because of its decent health, but those things don't really appeal to mid ladder players, cause least be honest. No one is really threatened by a lone ice golem.

Ice spirit: This one should be a no brainier. Hard to use, not really threatening, and it only freezes for a second. Not appealing enough.

Mortar: This one should also be a no brainier. Lots of tanks in mid ladder, so it's almost impossible to use. Yeah that's really it.

Egolem: This one is surprising. But the reason why is because there's just so much splash. Wizard, mega knight, valkery just a name a few.

If you have any cards you would like for me to explain why they are/are not used in mid ladder alot, go ahead and tell and Ill do my best.

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