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Because wizard, fire spirit, and Furnace couldn't find its place in the meta, while fireball is too rampant within the meta, I suggest a new mechanic:burning mechanic

So basically this mechanic makes it so enemy troops take 10% more damage for 5 sec. This mechanic will be given to all 4 cards.

In return wizard gets buffed to 4 elixer and gets a nerf to attack speed. This should give a well replacement for musketeer and stuff like that.

Fire spirits also could be buffed to 1 elixer, reduced to 1 unit, buffed to hp of all spirits, and increased damage to a wizard's regular attack(234) This should give it a better versitality in other decks.

To percent Furnace being op to these changes, the lifetime will be reduced from 50sec to 25 sec, and healthpoint nerfed to 598 from 844. Also it will be gives a deathspawn of 2 fire spirits.

Fireball will receive a nerf in damage(576 to 440) in exchange for the burning mechanic.

The changes can be a bit radical and can be subjected to change, yet I feel like this can provide some interesting changes to this meta.

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