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redditWhat does reddit think about my customized hog cycle deck?

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What does reddit think about my customized hog cycle deck?

This is the deck I have been using this meta (down below). You can probably see that it has similar cards with other cycle decks; I just customized 2.6 by replacing Ice golem with Knight, Cannon with Bomb tower, and Ice spirit with Electro spirit.

I wanted to hear what reddit thinks about this change I made in this deck, and if there are any ways I could improve this.

Let me first show you why I customized 2.6 hog cycle this way tho:

2.6 has had some rough times recently, as you probably know. That's why people started using the knight hog deck with archers eq log snowball. That's quite good to use, but I wanted a more..well...2.6-ish version that would work pretty well in the meta.

Ice golem->Knight

Although Ice golem can defend SO MANY cards and kite things around, the knight is superior to an Ice golem in many situations. Ice golem surely is quite an useful card, but knight seems to be better to use in this meta(at least for me).

The benefits of this change:

More tanking from the knight.

More DPS.

However, it your cycle becomes slower, and most importantly, bats become VERY hard to deal with, as you don't have the ice golem death nova to take care of those.

Cannon-Bomb tower

Bomb tower is a lot tankier than Cannon. Bomb tower can splash.

However, it's more expensive, and has less DPS.

But to make up for the loss in DPS, there's the knight to add up a bit more DPS, and it tanks more, which (apparently) means that it can stall more time.

What is the problem of this? It becomes even harder to deal with miner decks.

Let's say someone comes with a Miner-wallbreakers push. A normal 2.6 deck could plop down a cannon, and the cannon would whittle down the miner before gets killed by wall breakers.

But the Bomb tower is different; it's more expensive, and has less dps to kill the miner.

After making these two changes, I was extremely weak to miner cycle decks, especially if the deck had mortar or hunter (or both). I only had musky, Ice spirit , and fireball to kill the bats. Ice spirit would be the best to use in this situation, which is...not really reliable. All I could do is cross my fingers and hope that a good placement would kill most of those little flying critters.

I also had trouble with Golem decks; couldn't kill the night witch bats effectively. Musky would get distracted by a bunch of bats and not be able to kill the support cards and golem in time.

And I don't think I have to explain about lava clone. It was impossible to win without the ice golem's death damage.

So, now, the smallest yet biggest change: Ice Spirit -> E-spirit

Why E-spirit is better than Ice spirit:

It's better than ice spirit against bats, goblin barrel, GY, clone....basically any swarm.

Also has a better chance to reset X-bow.

Lastly, you don't have to worry about king activations if you use it on defense, and if you use it on offense together with the hog, most players would not bother activating king tower, and even if they do, your hog will get more damage.

The E-spirit is inferior to ice spirit on 1v1 interactions, but the E-spirit is a lot better with a bunch of units that are together in a push, and swarms.

That is exactly what I needed in this hog deck.

After this change, it was easier to beat GY, Golem, all sorts of clone decks, bait decks, miner, and X-bow.

So basically, this is why and how I customized 2.6. What do you think about this change?

Any more changes you think that would be better?

Customized Hog Cycle

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