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redditIt's my impression or Content Creators are slowly distancing from the game

Soul Crusher

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I have seen recently a trend that worries me a lot: many content creators are playing other games and doing less and less content for this Game. Many are going to Brawl Stars, Among Us, Minecraft or other games.

I'm into the Spanish speaking community so I don't really know if this is the case in the English or other languages but talking about what I see is that only clash Royale youtubers are some CRL pros. And other channels just upload content for the game more rarely.

I can't blame them, we all know how the game actually is and that there is no new content since October. The most resonating example of this is Surgical Goblin going to Fortnite. I think that's content creators are in many ways the soul of the game so best wishes to all.

I wish I was only hallucinating. :/

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