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redditWhat is the point of trophies when there is a secondary, hidden elo system?

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I remember playing clash of clans for ages and wondering why when I go innactive, I suddenly get attacked by less compitent foes and consistently win defense. I also used to wonder how and why after restarting my clash royale account twice, I would rank against players giving me a hard time in arena 4. Now that my nephew plays and we're in roughly close trophy standing, I can see the aforementioned elo system in full. Because he is level 9, he gets paired with level 9, 10, and rarely 11 players in challenger 3, while I get paired with level 12 and 13 players consistently, and I'm in challenger 3 as well (I'm level 12).

I'm under the assumption that most people know about this system, but my question is: if this actually overrides the trophy system, why do either exist??? Trophies completely fail to measure skill if secretly, you're paired against harder foes if you do better, or against players with a more similar win/loss ratio. What's the point?

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