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reddit2v2 is just terrible 90% of the time

Soul Crusher

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I don’t know how bad your experience is with 2v2 but for me its been really bad for a looong time. Even with the cool down time for leaving a game, people do it anyways because they don’t care.

I just had someone spam hog rider rage and then when it didn’t work and we were losing he just fireballed their king tower and left...

I’ve had so many partners that activate the opponents long tower as soon as we start losing and/ or leave. Even if we just lost some minor damage from an opponents push they’ll just give up because it doesn’t matter to them, not like their losing anything. So many players play badly and leave the game midway, it’s as if they expected to win or something with those terrible plays and don’t want to put effort.

It’s so much fun, in the really rare battles that I can play with a partner. However most the time it’s just people giving up, worst when it’s an intense game and it’s last 30 seconds and they give up.

I understand 2v2 is just a fun battle but still my experience on it has been terrible.

How is your 2v2 experience and how would you improve this?

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