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What’s up guys,

so it has been several months since the last patch on clash royale (trying to fix the most severe issues with cw2) and there’s probably only this February remaining until we get to see what the devs and balancing team have been working on lately.

Supercell has been quiet when it comes to announcing changes, which is a smart move since many people tend to get really emotional, when things don’t turn out to be as exciting as promised.

Nevertheless I thought it would be interesting to see, what you guys expect from the upcoming update!


So a key thing Supercell wanted to achieve by doing balancing quarterly, is that people who just maxed a card (that’s really strong right now or they just simply like) won’t get it nerfed the next month. That was really frustrating especially when you’re nowhere near to have a maxed deck.

But march is coming and so is balancing, so here is what cards in my opinion need a tweak:

- Balloon (first hit 0.5-1s later)

- Earthquake (less damage or elixir +1)

- Lavahound (less range or health)

- Bomb Tower (less health)

- Furnace (i think we might get a rework here)

- Knight (just a little bit less health? what do you guys think)

- Mother Witch (more damage so it can actually help on defense)

- Ice Golem (could be a substitute for Knight)

- Wall Breakers (make it die by log, still no positive elixir trade)

- Skeleton Barrel (less health so it won’t get to your tower unsupported)

- Goblin Barrel (this one is tricky, maybe give Stab Goblins more health so they survive zap which’s level is +1)

- Goblin Gang (same as Goblin Barrel, more health to Stab Goblins? As Morten said: Why use Stab Goblins when you can use Skeletons)

- 3 Muskies (Revert the nerf that was done to single musky but keep it for single musky)

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and i’m happy if the team just gives these cards attention.

Also I think it’s fair to say, that after 3 months we can expect 3 times as much cards being balanced (so about 10-20 cards).


This is where things really get interesting. I would argue that people mostly get frustrated in ladder when they face cards they think are unfair. So balancing usually helps a lot to make the game more healthy.

Nevertheless Trophy Road System is said to be reworked anytime soon and I would love to see this happen in the next update.

So here is what I think could happen:

  1. We will get side quest for ladder, basically like we had but more frequently with more little rewards. Something like earn double the gold if you activate king tower i.e. or extra gold if both your princess towers survive/ you beat someone on a winning streak/ extra gems for three crowning etc.

  2. Play a limited amount of games where you can ban cards that you don’t wanna face because they take fun from the game. Like 3 times a day or so.

  3. Get rewarded extra gold when you beat a player whose level is higher.

  4. We will get better rewards for ladder in general. Normal chests are simply not worth it, given that progression has become so slow. So they might rework chests or add things on top to existing chests, like completely random stuff would be cool (basically the way trophy road is right now but you get rewarded more frequently)

Keep in mind, these are only my guesses so it could come totally different. But I would love to see some of these things being implemented.

General Game Design:

This part of the game should not be underestimated at all! So here is what might come:

  1. More deck slots (probably buyable too, i don’t mind)

  2. An honor system (would help extremely to fight toxic behaviour/ this community :D)

For example you get a badge on your name when your opponent honours you after battle for being a fair sport (Can you say that? I’m not english but i guess you’ll understand). This badge could have 3 tiers so honorable players can really be proud about contributing to a positiv game experience.

  1. Trophy system on 2v2 since it has been requested heavily.

  2. Add a game mode to test your decks, basically like Grad Challenge without prices and paying for entering.

  3. Make Grand Challenges cheaper to enter so people play it more often while also tackling the issue of facing too many overlevelled opponents.

Yup, that’s it for my part. I hope you get my ideas. Sorry if some of these sentences are wordy or hard to read (lol grammarly reference) but i’m not a english speaking guy.

Also this post is not meant to pressure the CR Team, it’s just a collection of thoughts. I don’t know how hard it is to program a game so I’m also happy to see these things ones at a time.

Lastly I would LOVE to hear your opinion on these things since this post made my fingers bleed (not literally haha, but it’s my first “effort” post I would say?)

So feel free to contribute to a fruitful debate!!

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