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I Just felt like re-iterating this sad story of incompetence hired to manage a game with estimated lifetime earning 3billion$. https://sensortower.com/blog/clash-royale-revenue-three-billion

Fisherman immune to tornado. Even landing tornado on fishboy the split second he is deployed, he starts rotating his hook and does not move one bit.

Contacted customer support like 6 months ago, they wrote back devs are aware of the bug and about fix it soon. Contacted support again about the same issue recently. Reply was it's hard to fix and takes a lot of time. Big fun for the beatdown players out there.

It's the same team that delivered CW2 in alfa state, that still can not manage to sync race start and deck reset, released EGiant bugged for 1,5 months, can't get "copy deck" to work properly, etc etc.

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