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redditClan Wars 2 has failed to achieve both its goals-Making all cards relevant and making it inclusive for all players. Here's why

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The TV Royale said the clan wars 2 had two main goals: Making all cards relevant so players could experiment with different decks and making it inclusive to all players, so that everyone (at least a large part of players) could play and earn rewards. After some clan wars matchmaking changes in December, we were supposed to get fairer matches. This worked in December as I was getting fairer matches, but nowadays I just get matched up with players who have similar amounts of trophies, in which they have cards that are 2-3 levels higher than mine.

Clan Wars, Ladder and Progression are all linked together. As a F2P, I know that the fastest way to progress is to level up 1 specific deck first, to get all ladder rewards and help with GCs and CCs. This leads to getting more rewards, but only playing with one deck. In which means that all the other cards are usually 1-2 levels lower as I have used all my resources to level up my ladder deck. Which in turn, leads to if I match players in a similar trophy-range, chances are they might be using their ladder deck while I am using my underleveled cards. This leads to the shortage of gold in turn, as I'm almost guaranteed not to win with all 4 decks, which leads to slow progression. And to make matters worse when i am using my main ladder deck the opponent is using his/her underleveled deck. I am at 5000 trophies, so I know a lot of maxed players won't experience this, but this just leads to everyone getting stuck at my trophy range because everyone is just good with their ladder deck as we all have leveled it up first. Which in turn leads to very slow progression, as if I try and level up all my cards then I won't be getting ladder and GT rewards. What this means is that it doesn't help players use all their decks, as they are almost certain they will lose with it. So not only do players not experience other decks as they are afraid of losing, progression would be extremely slow.

Of course, clan wars does give gold for participating, but it doesn't make all cards inclusive because of the matchmaking and many other issues. It also doesn't make it inclusive to all players as small clans and players with low level cards constantly match with higher level and/or skill players. At the end of the day this just leads to both of the CW goals being missed.

I hope Supercell sees this and the community gives feedback on this issue. The matchmaking system could be changed to something like you could be matched with players from all clans, but their average card levels have to be the same. Also at the same time, there is a limited card level difference, so that players with lvl 13 and 1 cards in the same deck would make it very hard to find a match, unless with someone using the same tactics. I am not proposing these changes for ladder, as everyone is just trying to help their clan. Clan wars will receive some fixes, but I don't know if Supercell know how nearly all the goals with clan wars were missed.

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