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Soul Crusher

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Simple idea that could add another layer of tactics to 2v2: the more elixir you have on your elixir bar, the faster your teammate gains new elixir.

Players could choose to play a card exactly as normal. However, each time they do, their partner temporarily gains elixir more slowly. Keeping your elixir bar at 10 would remove your direct impact on the game until you played a card, but while you sat back, your partner would be piling on new elixir quickly.

What’s the math? Let’s say 1x elixir while your teammate has 3 elixir or less, then +1x for every extra elixir your teammate holds. So a partner relaxing with 10 elixir is fuelling you to play at Legendaray’s 7x elixir pace.

But more interesting would be two partners managing each other’s elixir speed depending on whose hand could get the next game-changing card in play sooner.

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