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TLDR: No chance. Read the whole post before commenting.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a supercell fanboy post. It is a post about why I think that the toxic nature of the Sub is bad for the game and why it is a part of the game's declining media relevance.

A lot of the content on the Sub is very negative, especially recently after a string of bad updates. This is totally fine, because it shows people voicing their dissatisfaction of the current game situation. The problem I have with this is that in recent months, many people have started to find all sorts of stuff to nitpick about, which in turn is used as an attack against supercell and the CR team. It also spreads a lot of toxicity, which is very unhealthy for the game. I'll try to explain what I mean in this post.


Nobody's really arguing that the game is in a really bad spot at the moment. Several bad updates, lack of interesting content, etc. I'm not going into detail here because I think it's been said enough. A lot of people seem to forget this though: Just because supercell employees aren't responding to your posts, doesn't mean they aren't reading them. Obviously I can't confirm this 100%, because I don't work there, but it's probably safe to say that they do see a majority of this sub's content.

Now why is this a problem? It's because SO MANY posts are about game issues. Once the devs have seen 1-2 highly-upvoted posts about something, they figure out that people want a change and start working on it. Making 100 more posts about the same topic isn't going to make them work faster. Think about if you were working at supercell. When you log onto reddit, you see a wall of posts complaining about your game. Doesn't feel good, right? I get that they made bad updates and I think it's a good thing the community is calling them out for it. But some people just go way too far.


Here I'm going to give my opinion on how this Sub handled several unpopular changes. After reading it, you should start to understand what I mean.

QUARTELY UPDATES - Supercell switched from doing monthly balance updates to once every 3 months. A lot of people say that the game is getting stale because of that. ((here's where the rant begins, get ready)) Do any of you realize that every other supercell game, including Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Brawl Stars all do updates less than once a month?? All other supercell games have periods of no content (save for cosmetics) being added. Do you ever see a wave of hate from those communities? Nope.

I get that in the past Clash Royale has had a pretty spotty update schedule. But people are getting mad at the new system before even one quarterly update has come out. This is totally ridiculous, we haven't seen these updates yet. Maybe they are going to do something major. I'm not saying anything that is confirmed, but there is no reason to hate on a new system before it has taken effect. Consider this - would you prefer once-a-quarter updates, or monthly balance changes with 14 month feature update waits?

In the gaming world, even 3 months is an incredibly frequent update schedule. Most games have a pretty spread out update schedule, especially as the game gets older. You don't see people complaining about how the 1.16 update in minecraft took 7 months to release after 1.15. Expecting game changing updates monthly is just pure entitlement. The leadup to Clan Wars 2s release was over a year. If Clash Royale is able to do what Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars do - release quality feature updates every 3 months - it could be a great U turn for the game and dev team. If the March update is disappointing, then these posts will be justified. Until this happens, any posts about not having updates for 3 months are just whiners and are extremely annoying. Only after about 8 months had passed without new additions did people begin to get mad, and this is when it started to become reasonable.

SEASON 20 - The most recent season has had a mixed reaction. A lot of people are mad that nothing changed again. I've already talked about how it's been only 2 months, but there's another issue that I don't get. People are saying this season is lazy. How so? Season 16 has the same name as 4, Season 2, 8, 14, and 15 didn't have a new arena, and Season 19 literally recycled arena 8. For Season 20, not only did they create a new unique arena, but they even made a new soundtrack for the first time in 5 years! It's by no means a very lazy season, and while there weren't any content updates, the dev team is probably saving them for the March update.

THE META - Every single day there's a post about "Lava hound is OP" or "Nerf X-Bow again" or "Stop RPS Matchups". I agree with the majority of them, but they are said far too often. One post about RPS is enough for most people to understand it. Instead, it is posted once a week minimum. It just gets annoying.

CLAN WARS II - Where do I even start here... A lot of people are suggesting improvements like hard level caps, matchmake by region, etc. There's also tons of "CW2 killed my clan" or "Revert the update" posts. And of course there's the occasional "This game is dying" or "Supercell has given up on the game" posts. My question to you is: Do you really think that nobody at the dev team has heard yet? Just because no announcement has been made doesn't mean they aren't working on it. Like I've said earlier, continually whining about something won't make it happen any faster. All you're doing is killing employee morale and probably pushing the update back.


Balance is an issue in every game. This is not exclusive to Clash Royale. Nearly every competitive game has some aspects more powerful than others, and this is not a bad thing. Unless every single card is made to be completely identical, there will always be some better and some worse. There are plenty of balance issues within the game, but few I would say really need addressing. This is partially my personal opinion, but I think that balancing the game should focus on a few main aspects.

  • All cards should feel unique and have a reason to exist.

All cards should have a purpose, and have something it does better than any other card. From this definition, any card that is completely outclassed in every way by another card need reworking. These are incredibly rare in any game, and in the current meta, I can't think of any cards that are truly "useless". Obviously some are pretty bad, but nothing is completely outclassed.

  • Cards or card combos should not promote unhealthy playstyles.

By this I mean extremely passive or defensive playstyles, basically anything that would make matches boring. Spell Cycle decks are very common and very frustrating. Just defend and defend while chucking rockets, fireball, or anything else. Even worse are tiebreaker decks, those that wait out the entire game to win using the tiebreaker. Nobody wants to spend 5 minutes having almost no damage on either side just to lose to a tiebreaker. This is bound to happen occasionally, but decks that are designed just to drag out a match are unhealthy for the game.

Of course, some players will purposely use a bunch of defensive cards solely to waste the opponents time, but cards themselves shouldn't promote ultra defensive play. The defensive combination of Knight + Tesla is very notorious for this.

Cards that very strongly promote defensive play include:

Knight, Tesla, Giant Skeleton, Ice Wiz, Mega Knight, and Recruits.

This doesn't mean that all those cards aren't balanced. It's just that they promote unhealthy gameplay styles.

  • Cards should not feel polarizing or unfair

"Unfair" could mean plenty of things. For example, decks that are a really easy win with just a starting hand, RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) matchups. This is when the opponent plays a deck that hard counters yours, to the point where it is near impossible for you to win. RPS by itself is sort of a necessary evil - no matter what happens in a game, some things will be hard countered by others. Good matchups and bad matchups both will happen. That being said, a match should never feel unwinnable. It should never feel that the only reason you lost was because of the other person's deck. A matchup that is more difficult to win (such as a 40/60) is okay, but a 0/100 matchup is not.

Cards that are specifically made to breed RPS are troublesome, however. Earthquake is the best example. It completely shuts down Siege decks and anything that relies on pump, but is useless against everything else. This means with Earthquake, your success rate is very heavily dependent on what your opponent was using.

  • Use/Win rates are a bad metric to use for balancing

Take this hypothetical scenario:

Card B counters A, C counters B, A counters C

Card A is a very strong card in the meta. People find out that Card B hard counters card A, so the usage rate of Card B goes up. This in turn causes Card A usage to drop. Then Card C begins gaining popularity because it hard counters Card B, leading to Card B declining. Because Card B has a low usage rate, Card A will rise again, meaning that Card C declines, and so on.

Now obviously this isn't how the meta actually works, but the point here is that all 3 of these cards were at one point the most used with the highest win rate, and at one point the least. Pinpointing an exact usage and win rate is very difficult if the data is this volatile. It can also mean that a card having a high usage rate doesn't mean it is broken by itself. It might just be that it is countering a very powerful card. Versatile cards that fit into multiple archetypes will naturally have a higher usage rate as well.

Now that that's been explained, here's why arguing about balance annoys me. A lot of people don't seem to realize just how difficult it would be to make everything balanced. People are naturally inclined to find strategies that work well. Nerfing something will just make people look for something else. Without having all cards be carbon copies of each other, disparities will always exist. Essentially, balance will always be a problem, and there is no point in continually bringing it up.


All of these issues are commonly discussed on this Sub and several other sources. All of them are missing important points, though. The amount of "Supercell Bad" posts among others are very repetitive, uninteresting, and annoying. Endlessly complaining about things in the game doesn't solve anything. It just clutters the Sub. I personally am tired of seeing post after post of complaints, and I am in no way the only one.

I'm also going to be addressing a few things that inevitably will wind up in the comments.

"Aren't you contributing to the toxicity by making this post?"
No. This post is meant to bring attention to the amount of toxic posts here. These have been issues in the Sub for a while, but recent events have made it much more prominent. I am in no way encouraging more toxic behavior from writing this. Nowhere did I ask people to flood the homepage with rants, nor did I say to go attack Supercell.

"What about the large amount of high-effort constructive criticism posts?"

While they may not be toxic, many of them are still on the same topics on the ones I listed above. I think that discussion of any of them should be kept at a minimum.

"If you hate the sub so much, why did you write a giant post about it?"

One of the most important parts of any game is a strong community. This Sub is one of the main sources of information for the game. If a new player were to need help with Clash Royale, this Sub is one of the first places they would look. Seeing post after post about how bad the game is doing and that so many people are planning to quit is very likely to turn them off from it.


The toxic nature of this Sub is a major sore spot in the game. Constantly seeing posts about the same topics gets repetitive and accomplishes nothing. Too many posts are filled with complaints and rants about things in the game. I don't want this sub to become like the CoD Sub, or any other game with an unwelcoming toxic community, yet that's the direction it's headed in. I think that there is still time for this community to turn around, though. There are still plenty of posts of what Reddit is all about - advice, memes, funny moments - something that not all communities have. The reason why I made a long post is because I want this game to succeed again. If I didn't like the game I would have just quit.

Supercell gets a lot of flak about their game, and I don't think that all of it is unwarranted. It's normal for people to be upset about something they enjoy being turned on its head. However I don't think we can blame Supercell for everything, as from their comments, tweets, and videos, I do think they are making a genuine effort to improving the game. Some people here just take it way too far. Remember this is just a game.

There are a lot of problems in the game, and I am not trying to contest that in any way. However I dislike the constant attention being brought to them. Once again, my post is not about the game's issues. There are more than enough other posts about that. My post is about how types of posts are too common and are not fun for anyone. It isn't fun for longtime members to see the Sub fall apart, and it's not fun for new players look for help to see a wall of hate. I think that this is a big enough issue for the longer term health of the game and community to be worth talking about.

Finally, to all the people who have been making interesting, funny, or helpful content, keep it up.

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