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redditFor all the people complaining about lumberjack + balloon at the bridge... (repost from my comment)

Soul Crusher

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Okay just to humor this, and every other person complaining about LJ loon at the bridge, I’ve made a list of full counters without even taking death damage. (mostly positive trades too)

  1. rocket
  2. fireball + any building (proper placement)
  3. snowball + certain buildings with proper placement (inferno tower, bomb tower, tesla)
  4. hunter + small unit to lead LJ away (skeles, other cycle cards, knight, ice golem, spear goblins, normal goblins, etc.) without perfect hunter placement, add in ice spirit or e spirit to fully negate
  5. ANY air dps + snowball/fireball/delivery/tornado(even zap with some units)
  6. small unit to lead away LJ, tornado activate to king tower
  7. tornado with any building (and maybe a cycle card)
  8. tornado with any air dps

as you can see, the counters are pretty much endless, I have probably only gotten half of them. Literally every single counter is a positive trade besides using inferno tower, goblin hut, or barb hut.

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